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Well, here it is. Our final project for this class was to create a model sheet based on a character we thought up ourselves. We had about 1 day to think up the character and do everything else, so enjoy.

*Will update with character bio soon*

and here’s his story.

In ancient times, man shared their world with amazing creatures. Monsters, behemoths, and spirits roamed vast territories of untouched nature. One society (the Oten, compared to the greeks) took greater care of their surroundings, and were rewarded by the ancient spirits with the ability to render and manipulate the energy in the air around them. They used these powers to create massive sanctuaries dedicated to the expansion of arcane knowledge. Other societies, however, shunned the study of arcane magics, and war was wrought. The Oten used their newfound powers to create guardians for their society, in all shapes and sizes. Composed of pure energy, these spirits guarded the city with the help of specialized mech suits also developed by the Oten. Sadly, their civilization was defeated, the ancient spirits stomped away. Centuries passed, and a brutal dictatorship still reigned over the land. A small boy from a poor village, while wandering around a cemetery, discovered one spirit that had managed to escape destruction and survive alone for all these years. He named the spirit Milo.

After taking him back to his village, the elder tells him that this is no ordinary ghost haunting him, and that it has chosen the boy as it’s master. Throughout the boy’s adventure to topple the monarchy, Milo fearlessly follows, combining himself with different abandoned mech suits found along the way. (The suits are made of material too strong to break, too hard to melt, so they were trashed and left to rust) Where will their adventure lead them, and will Milo’s untapped energy be enough to set the world back into its proper balance?

Gender: Male

Height: 1 ft

Weight: Not enough to matter, he’s a ghost.

Personality type: He is a guard dog, and has the same mentality

Eating habits: No food needed


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For this assignment we were supposed to draw three different figures with over exaggerated features:

1. A circus ringleader with elongated arms and legs

2. A viking warrior with an overemphasized chest

3. A monster who has no nose and a very large mouth

The second image is just the ringleader after i went in and did some marker work (remember, this is only my third or fourth time really using these copics)


And here’s three more characters we had to draw. We all wrote one personality trait/profession, one other personality trait, and one physical feature on peices of paper. Then we chose them at randomly and had to come up with something using the characteristics we picked. so here we have….

1. A belittled, pensive toll booth operator with hairy arms

2. A scaly, overwhelmed motherly librarian

3. A spacy, crazy race car driver with a broken nose


(Look at those eyes, he’s┬ánot thinkin’ about anything.)


*So when i think of goblins i think of scavengers and tinkerers, so i gave this last guy a fishbowl for a helmet. The scaly mother figure was eh, not to interesting. I’m not a fan of the whole “anthropomorphic deviantart” thing that has been going around lately. and the first guy is all sad cause he’s way too big to be working in that booth 9 to 5. And you thought you had it bad.



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