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The points below will help you formulate who your character is and how they came to be that person. 

Age Ancient

Social Status Unknown

Profession/occupation Shaman/Healer

Body Attributes

	Gender 	Female

	Height 	Average

	Weight 	Average
	Health 	Very Healthy


	Culture Unknown

	Ethnicity  Unknown

	Family 	None

Personality (introvert/extrovert)

	Intelligence	High

	Talents   Healing, Rgenerating, Not dieing

	Self View  Old

	Flaws/Weaknesses Can'd Die, Sees everyone else die

		Fears 	Others dieting

Life style

	Sleep cycle/Nocturnal	Nocturnal

	Environment/Climate	Forgotten City 

Other		The name "Laka" comes from the Tagalog meaning "renewed energy" I chose that name because this character is a hybrid mixing a fire salamander and a phoenix in a poi performer (fire-spinner).
		The phoenix has rebirth while the salamander can regenerate limbs, so I found the name Laka appropriate. 

		The jewel on her forward connecting her feathered-hair is supposed to represent Laka's third eye, since she is supposed to be extremely spiritual.
		Her bangle bracelets say "Kapangan at kamatayan; naming nag labat ng paglipat sa pagitan ng dalawang mga hindi kilalang"
		Translation: "Bith and Death; we all move between these two unknowns"
		I put that on the bracelets because I felt especially for Laka who continues to die and made reborn only moving between birth and death shortly.

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