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Cheira is a human/spider crab hybrid.  She is very friendly despite her spiky appearance and loves to help others.  She has an almost motherly complex to her because of they way she is constantly looking to help those around her, share her advice and aid in any way possible.  She is admired by others because she is easy to approach and listens to what others have to say.  Cheira is who one would peruse for some sage advice or just a nice chat.

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Kata (right) is a very rambunctious girl who spends her time going on long adventures while leaning to control the vines she has growing out of her wrists.  Although she’s had them all her life, she is just now learning how they work and can be easily frustrated by them when they don’t do what she intended.

Elika (bottom)  is a soul reaper who wonders around collecting the souls of the recently (or soon to be) deceased.  With each soul she collects a tattoo grows on her body and, as you can see, she’s collected quite a lot.  Her personality is more on the bitter side.  Her only interest is getting the job done and doesn’t care for anyone else.  She is a loner; going off to do her job all by her lonesome and that’s just the way she likes it.

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