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Number 3 is well underway but I have a few details to finish and fix. The addition of a bookcase will tie it into the center piece and some color correction is needed to fix depth and monochromatic-ness.

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I use my paintings as a way to gather myself and my thoughts. The experience of sitting down and focusing on one image or one section of an image for hours on end allows me to clear my mind and forget whatever stressors are around me. I can completely become enveloped in whatever world I am creating and lose myself in the process rather than stressing over the outcome.

Stress doesn’t just disappear the longer it is ignored, sadly. I have always struggled with addressing the issues of Fear, Anxiety and Self Consciousness. These three beasts have always found a way to quietly slip themselves into subconscious of so many people. There is nothing more nightmarish than being unsafe in your own mind. There is something incredibly fragile and intangible about the space we create for these monsters in our minds. I was inspired to take these intangible things and make them as tangible as I can. These feelings are just as real as any pain and if anyone could see them in real life, no one would question why they are so terrifying.

Avoidance is not a cure so much as it is a band-aid. I decided to use these feelings as a new medium, and a new inspiration. My work is heavily based on the minute and almost obsessive detail that I am able to put into them. I tend to ignore the larger picture and focus solely on the process I go through to finally bring all of these details together. This sort of disection of parts has allowed me to break down these feelings to their very cores, analyze and pick them apart. By the end of it all, I’ve made an image that is much less a complete piece than it is a stream of consciousness.

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I’ve started on the second environment. It’s been taking a lot of playing to make a cohesive flow through the three images. I’ve decided that each one should have a window as the main light source to tie then together. Otherwise they have just felt too disconnected for me and this way I still stick to part of my original concept of the light coming through the window but the three spaces are still different as was suggested during review.



I’ve started blocking in my subjects’ silhouettes as a base painting. I’m still working on the position and body language of the monster while I’m actually quite happy with the silhouette of the girl. No wI will be able to go in, refine and begin “animation” of this painting.

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Slight progress update on the first view of the bedroom. After Thesis defense it came to my attention that I made need different settings for the other two monsters. I’m still debating the idea of different views of one room or three different rooms.

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poltergeist spector skellig



These are the basic concepts for my individual monsters. These designs are fairly concrete and likely will not change from this point. At this point they fit together well aesthetically. Slight changes have been made to the poltergeist design since he was last posted.

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room557768_10151972067781454_368624968_n 7853_10151972065386454_1929687065_n

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Some progress from Class today. New concept and newly revised contract to come.

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Darcy Welling

Dena Eber

ARTC 4180




For my BFA Exhibition piece, I will be working on a Digital Painting project. This project will be a fusion of digital painting and animation in order to create the illusion of a moving painting. In order to accomplish this, I will be going back traditional animation techniques. I will be creating a series of images with only slight variations between them. These will then be attached to a Praxinoscope which I will also construct. When in motion it will create the illusion of one singular moving image. I would also like to print out 2-3 of my favorite frames of this image, to allow for better viewing of the details within the scene.
I am driven to do this project as it will combine two mediums of art that I am genuinely passionate about but due to insecurity, I have never felt truly strong in Over the years I have let these insecurities and anxieties hinder my ability to produce work. My concept is to turn these anxieties into a work of art. I will create a visualization/personification of my feelings in a way that is meaningful to me. In doing this and forcing myself to face these anxieties, I hope to in a way, overcome them.
My digital painting style verges on line between fantasy and reality. I create idealized settings and creatures. This sort of haunting and ethereal quality will lend itself very well to the aesthetic I am working to achieve. I will be using painterly brushes and textures to simulate the look of a fusion between watercolor and oil based paints. Pushing it further into a sort of uncanny valley. I believe this will aid the in the intangible nature of anxiety and insecurity.
As stated above, I will be making a praxinoscope with digital paintings. It will be a medium sized piece that will need to be displayed somewhat in the round on a pedestal. It would be possible to also display against a wall but in the round is preferable. This piece will require interaction so space for the audience to interact.

Production Equipment:
– Photoshop
– Access to the woodshop
– Pedestal
– Overhead lighting


Production Calendar

-Dec 8-16

-Final days. All work must be done by this point. Small adjustments acceptable.

-Dec 1 – 8

-Only small touch ups and final details. Final days before presentation.

-Nov 12 – 26

-Refine details and animation movement Paintings must be otherwise done at this point. Begin work of decorating Praxionoscope.
-Nov 3 – 10

– Animation test begin. All paintings must be close to done. Most painting should be completed at this point. Praxinoscope must be in working order.

-Oct 22 -29

-Continue Painting work. Continue work on Praxionscope.

-Oct 6 – 20

-Continue painting work. Details becoming refined and Begin work on Praxinoscope build.

-Oct 1
– Significant progress must be made by this point. Painting started on at least half of the images.

-Sept 17-29

-Continue Painting

-Sept 15

– Sketches Mostly done. Begin painting.
– Sept. 10
– Begin rough sketches for painting.

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Here is the first post for my 2015 Senior Studio progress blog!

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