the concept statements!

input would be greatly appreciated!

1) A penny saved is a penny earned!  … or two pennies earned?  An accountant learns the truth about it costing 2 cents in order to make one penny.  In his attempts to share his knowledge with the unknowing public, the government interferes…

2) The early bird gets the worm.  A man’s attempt to be the early bird keeps getting messed up by outside forces. Will he ever get his worm?

3) A tree is known by its fruit. The seed of apple tree grows up to yield oranges.

4)  Work has a bitter root but a sweet fruit.  A mole toils all day digging around roots, but at the end of the day he goes above ground to see the plants.

5) a philosophizing robot wants to make his own wisdom, but can only give what has been programmed into him.

6)  Haste makes waste.  A garbage man speeds through his stops and through the junk yard so that the waste doesn’t stack up.

7)  Time wounds all heels. A pair of old shoes reflect on the past when its heels where in good condition.

8) Curiosity killed the cat.  A disposition towards inquiry deprived the feline of its vital state.

9) Haste makes waste.  In a snail’s attempt to make waste, it fails horribly.

10)  Don’t byte off more then you can view.  A computer is astounded when it connects to the intra web, but its tries to search way to fast…

11) Early bird gets the worm.  This time, its from the worms point of view, and he does not want to be the early one.

12) Second mouse gets the cheese.  It’s not alway best to be the first mouse, especially when mice traps are involved.

13)(because #8 was a joke)  A makes tries to keep track of the wood a woodchuck is chucking.

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