New Concept and Story

Story Concept: One’s perception alters one’s reality and their ability to relate with others.

Other possible themes: Life as a process of creation.  Impossibility of certainty.  Responsibility and worldview.

Anna Lucia awakes finding herself lost in a chaotic labyrinth of fragmented cubist landscapes and sets, which she can arrange and alter at will (like an enormous rubiks cube) presenting her with infinite possibilities and worlds.  At first she is intoxicated with the creative freedom but quickly finds that unless she can reach some semblance of her former reality, she will be abandoned in a world of fantasy.

While completely abandoned from others, a voice (of a parent, friend, or lover?) continually calls out to her as a beacon towards reality.  Anna Lucia searches the labyrinth for fragments of a memory to recreate a plane for her to coexist with that individual on.

The landscape, while conveying a setting, also presents images of juxtaposed opposites (war and peace, life and death, etc.) attempting to represent life in its full gamut. Anna Lucia essentially develops a substantial worldview by her arrangement of these sets and images which allow her to connect with a shared reality.

Once the plane of coexistence is realized through the assemblage of the memory, the labyrinth doesn’t climactically dissolve or something along those lines. Instead Anna Lucia’s shared reality remains as alterable as before. Her need for human connection and creative outlets are simultaneously satisfied.

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