The story begins with the camera aimed towards the quote unquote “villain”. He spots a small critter, and begins to chase it. From the way the “villain” appears, it is assumed to be a menacing chase (though this has not been proven). After a bit of chase, the quote unquote “good guy” suddenly appears, the camera having him centered as lights make him look amazingly spectacular and godly. The critter runs behind the “hero”, and the “villain” catches up to notice, from boot to head camera pan, that his path has been blocked. He complains, in essence pantomiming “How dare you block my path”. The “good” guy sizes up his foe, and puffs out his chest to show superiority. The “villain” continues to complain, but is eventually shoved off screen. The critter, thankful for being saved, faces his savior, wagging it’s tail or whatever this critter’s equivalent would be. The “hero” stares at the critter blankly for a few seconds… and then punts the critter with the same blank expression. The camera zooms in on the villains face or body, showing some form of shock that he’d do such a thing. The “evil” creature begins to grow in anger, as the camera switches back and forth between the raging “villain” and the oblivious “hero” who is by this point laughing at his superior strength he’s exhibited to the innocent critter. By the time the “villain” reaches the “hero”, he ends up thwarting him in a way that is unique to the character design picked. The “villain” sees in the distance the harmed critter, and approaches it, picking it up delicately as it remains motionless. The “villain” essentially ressusitates the critter, and it becomes a pet of the “villain”, albeit somewhat more resembling the “villain’s” appearance afterwards (if the skeleton in robes, the critter will be undead, if the demon, its soul may become some form of fiery mote, if the shadow creature, it may take it’s shadow and animate it, etc etc). The film then ends with the two walking off as the critter now shows the same excitement it’d originally shown for the “hero” to the “villain”.

9 thoughts on “Concept Story

  1. Ellie
    7:27 am - 9-2-2009

    I think the key to developing the role switch between villain and hero will be body language; to change what is perceived and assumed in people’s minds. Also, size could be a factor to establish that more clearly. When people think of innocence they typically think of something small like a bunny or a mouse (popular cartoon characters too) and villains tend to be thought of as big like a tiger or a large man (or just tall). Just food for thought. Good story though. I dig it.

  2. Joseph
    10:30 am - 9-2-2009

    I think the story is interesting it just needs to be simplified a lot. Having three different characters moving and making expressions might be a lot. I am not sure if the hero is going to be a humanoid figure but I would say to think about simplifying it more. Maybe you wont need the small critter to show that the hero is really a jerk. Maybe he is more of a pretty boy hero and doesn’t like bugs or pretty flowers or something. This concept reminds me of Dr. Horrible’s Sing A Long Blog. If you haven’t seen it i would defiantly recommend watching it.

  3. ebuesch
    12:31 pm - 9-2-2009

    Animations that pull this off really bring in stereotypes like in French Roast(watch it!). Don’t just use stereotypes in the character design (i.e evil eyes, pointy ears, or ugly teeth) but what and who they are and how that relates to the little critter. An imagined Super Hero and Super Villain will work, but if all 3 character and location all relate to each other than it shines.

    Quick Example: Snake chases a cute mouse in an old lady’s house. She picks up the mouse acting like she is going protect it but just wants it for her “Cute Mouse Soup”. Snake kills an eats her saving the mouse. And you realize the snake is allergic to mice and wanted to eat the grandma along.

    Just a thought…go for simple designs (snake) rigging 3 characters isn’t going to be easy.

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  5. Tony in Rochester
    3:02 pm - 2-11-2017

    I enjoyed reading this post. I thought it was a very creative story!!

  6. Tony Cox
    3:34 pm - 2-11-2017

    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  7. Tony Cox on Webblend
    3:37 pm - 2-11-2017

    Nice guys should always finish first

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