Final Concept

Not everything is like what it seems to be.

Story #1:

A creepy shadow on the ground shows a creature is sitting on a rocking chair going back and forward. We also here a scary music on the background. The shadow (the creature) wakes up. goes to the window. A little bird sees this creature and gets scared and flies away. The creature walks to the table we see its reflection on the water of the fish bowel on the table. Some incidents like this happen as the music gets high and more scary until.. we see the living room with a big sofa in the middle of it and the creature comes out from behind the sofa. It’s a little cjhild wearing a costume that has a wierd scary hat on top of it. The child climd up of the sofa , gets the remote controler and changes the channel to a cartoon channel! and the hat slowly falls off his head. The ending music is the music we hear from the cartoon channel. The End!

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