Age - 65

Evolution/Life Cycle (relative to human?) - Human life cycle 

Ethnicity - Causation 

Height - 4' 8"

Weight - 150

Gender - Male

Culture - North American 

Profession - Store Clurk

Dreams - Thinks about being young 

Beliefs - Roman Catholic 

Food - Anything thats not too hard to chew 

Weaknesses - His Height 

Goals/Ambition - Strives to be efficient 

Obstacles - Things that are taller then he is, stuck in his ways  

Stereotype/Archetype - Combination of Wise Old Man and the Child 

Sense of Humor 	- Laughs at the misfortunes of others, Laughs at himself
Health - Little bit over weight, has a belly 

Family - Wife of 40 years, son went to college and has a family of his own, two grand children 

Values - Believes he can, despite his age, be incredibly efficient 

Environment (Env they feel uncomfortable in?) - well adjusted in his environment, given that his is older, new places are a little fuzzy for him but its nothing a trip around town cant fix.
Intelligence - Very witty, knows more then he lets on

Education - Graduated High School, No college, read text books for what he needed to know

Sex Life - He's a happy man

Idiosyncrasies - His height and old age?

Need/Purpose - Needs to show other people that he can do the same job as everyone else, purpose is to fulfill that need 

Nocturnal habits - goes to bed at 8pm, wakes up at 5am everyday

Body Structure - small, old, pudgy 

Fears - not living up to his own expectations 

Talent - Serving proudly 

Self View - Views him self as 65 years young.

Addictions - perfection, everything should be done on time and when it should be expected, gets annoyed and frustrated when there are mess-ups

Flaws - His impatient manor can get him into trouble

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