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Age – 29

EVolution – similar to humans

Ethnicity – New Zealander

Height – 6’5”

Weight – 177 lbs

Gender – Male

Profession – Work at home scientist – gets income from his mom and working at fast food restaurant

Dreams – To win Nobel prize and become well known

Beliefs – Science is the solution

Food – Take out Chinese

Weakness – Speech anxiety

Obstacles – Nothing really works like its supposed to

Stereotype – Glasses and wear bow tie/ tie

Sense of Humor – Mild

Health – Slightly pale but overall good

Family – Just his loving mom

Values – His science work

Environment – His work lab (uncomfortable – dangerous situations)

Intelligence – Really intelligent

Education – Masters in physics and working on a P.H.D

Sex Life – non existant

Nocturnal Habits – Works through most nights

Body – Tall and thin

Fears – being embaressed

Talent – Can make something out of household appliances

Self View – a brillant guy

Addictions – Works a lot… ┬ámaybe too much

Flaws – Not a confident talker when it comes to large crowds.

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The main character is a devoted scientist who is trying to finish his teleportation device so he can try and win a nobel prize. The character is slightly deprived of sleep and thinks he has almost got it finished. When he feels it is done he attempts to activate the device. When he pushes the start button it does nothing. he begins building up frustration and takes a couple hits with a hammer and drill and such. While fixing it the device will activate and teleport him to the first of five places. These places will consist of movies and other students scenes (With permission). Eventually the device will teleport him back to his work area and he will be excited and just throw the device. When thrown the device will activate and shoot a beam that will ricochet off of some things before sending him to a final place that will be like a beach or something. The animation will end with the credits rolling and postcards coming in through the mail slot of him at different places.

1. An inventor is trying to get his teleportation device to work so he can win an award.

2. He finishes his device and tests it out only to find it doesnt work.

3. While trying to fix the device the device will teleport him to different places.

4. After experiencing different places he is teleported back to his work area.

5. With glee and relief he throws his teleporting device to get it away from him.

6. When thrown the button gets pushed and the device launches a beam that teleports him to one final destination.

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