Yep, I’ve been slacking on this blog, so look forward to a bunch of stuff in the backlog.

But first, the latest assignment, a production plan.

The props, I can model in a week, and basic texture in a few days, so a week and a half is reasonable for the props, including the foliage for the main character.  They should easily be done by the 11th.

The main character should take about another week and a half to model and texture, add a bit of time for polishing and that puts us around the 30th.

I don’t have much experience with rigging or blendshapes, so I’ll allow two weeks for that. The set my story needs is fairly simple, and by necessity pretty sparse to give the sense of the tree’s loneliness, so I can also get it done in this timeframe. So that’s about Nov. 12th.

A week or so for the 3D animatic plus any polishing needed clocks us in at Nov. 19.

Another week and a half for sound, and environment refinement, puts the project at Nov. 28th.

Another week for wrapping things up brings it in at around Dec. 5.

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