Concept: Change isn’t always a bad thing.


  • An ice cube in a glass pitcher near a window doesn’t want to melt.
  • The sunlight through the window is shifting closer and closer to the pitcher.
  • The ice cube tries to escape the pitcher, but the walls are too difficult to climb.
  • The sunlight has now occupied so much of the space in the pitcher that he can’t avoid it any more.
  • He resigns himself to his fate with dignity.
  • After melting, he finds that he can zoom around the curved bottom of the pitcher acrobatically.
We begin with a short live-action scene. A person, visible only from waist to neck, ¬†goes to put ice in a pitcher, but only one cube falls in before the person is distracted by the phone ringing. The person puts the pitcher on a counter by a window. Then we zoom in and also fade into our 3d main action. The ice cube stands and looks around, then acts as if he is getting hot. He looks for the heat source and notices the sun beam near the pitcher. He panics and runs around, then slips on the water forming under his feet. After he gets back up, he tries to climb the wall of the pitcher but it is too steep. All this time, the sun beam has been moving across the pitcher, and soon the ice cube has nowhere to retreat to. He musters his courage and faces the sun beam, and melts. Now a puddle of water, he moves experimentally, finding he can spread wide and stretch tall, and he zooms easily around the pitcher. After a bit, he notices steam rising from him, he’s evaporating. Fro a second it looks like he might panic, but he shrugs and lies back against the side of the pitcher.

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