HappyAge: 41

Evolution/Life Cycle (relative to human?): Human

Ethnicity: cacasian

Height: 6′1″

Weight: 220lb

Gender: Male

Culture: New York

Profession: Clown

Dreams: to die

Beliefs: the world sucks

Food: PIE!

Weaknesses: alcohol

Goals/Ambition: to love

Obstacles: immortal

Stereotype/Archetype: Hero

Sense of Humor: not until his character arch

Family: Orphan

Values: his space

Environment (Env they feel uncomfortable in?): his store

Intelligence: Official Clown School Certificate

Education: Clown School

Sex Life:  no


Need/Purpose:  love

Nocturnal habits: drink till up pass out

Body Structure: thin and medium height

Fears: maturity

Talent: Clown stuff

Self View: self-loathing

Addictions: drugs

Flaws: drepessed

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