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Concept statement: Learn to love

The story begins with a self-loathing alcoholic clown named Happy who just went out of business. Its late afternoon when Happy is awoke from his drunken slumber by a knocking on his store door. He stumbles to his door and sees a child then immediately slams the door. Goes over to his couch and finds his magnum deep inside, sits down, sticks the gun to his head, braces for impact and shoots. The blasts cause balloons to pour from his head. Freaked out Happy shoots himself more and more, but only more balloons come. He shoots a beer bottle to make sure the gun is real the beer bottle breaks. Picks up the glass and stabs himself again and again, but only more balloon come pouring out. He runs over grabs some duct tape and begins taping his wounds. Then again a knock on his door, he answers it while still taping and the same kid is anxiously waiting. Seeing the balloons it like Christmas for the little kid and he runs into the apartment playing with the balloons. Happy tires to stop him and ends up tripping him. The kid starts crying so Happy start making balloon animals and he cheers up the little kid. Happy starts to smile at the kid,  looks it his apartment store full of balloons starts laughing and that how happy became happy again. THE END

Clown tries to commit suicide because he is very bad it his job. He is creepy and always scares away children. But every time he tries to shot himself he is unharmed and balloons pour out of his body. He gives a balloon to a kid and is happy that he has not scared him.

15 thoughts on “Story

  1. Ellie
    7:45 am - 9-2-2009

    I think this will be super funny and I dig it. I would play a lot with color with this one. Maybe muted colors and grays. Music could make it too.

  2. Wil
    8:44 am - 9-2-2009

    I don’t think the balloons should poor out I think they should inflate as they come out of his body. And like Ellie said play with the colors and music otherwise I think it sounds good.

  3. David
    11:11 am - 9-2-2009

    i agree with both Ellie and Will how ever I think that the balloons should kind of splatter out as if they were the clown,s blood or maybe after he shoots himself he could start to bleed out the balloon as the it drips further it could be the balloon slowly inflating i think the more drastic it is the better it would be.

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