My main character is a triangular round edged white eraser named K. He is a very easy going, but determined eraser. He keeps a cool head, but once he becomes infatuated in something, nothing can stop him. His only fault is how his determination can often cloud his ability to think through problems.

This story begins with the eraser walking through a field. As he walks, to his delight, he spots a bowl of ice cream. This food just happens to be his favorite of all foods. Suddenly struck with pure bliss and never ending longing for the delicious treat, he starts to make his way to the bowl. As unexpectedly as any cartoon action sequence, three gigantic stone wheels fall and roll along his path. Completely confused, but still determined, he without hesitation or thought of safely goes forth into the mini maze of rolling wheels.

Having safely crossed in the most direct manner this first obstacle, K breaths a quick sigh of relief. <Then out of nowhere as he takes his first steps, a large and rather cartoonie cloud sends a large gust of wind his way knocking him to the ground.(May omit this part)>. After recovering, K is shocked to see yet another obstacle stands before him in the form of….. Puppet style fake water and jumping teeth? Very strange.. Even so, K jumps into the situation without another thought. After wrestling a pair of choppers and barely making with one eraser chip missing, K lays on the ground exhausted and gnawed. Alas, the wondrous bowl of ice cream is but a few feet ahead of him. Looking up from where he lay on the ground he is once again filled with joy at having come so far and under such ridiculous circumstances.

Unfortunately this is a cartoon sooo… suddenly the ground begins to shake and a large crack appears dividing K from his beloved ice cream.

Some time passes as he tries to think of a way to cross the newly formed cliff of abyss in front of him. Then after what seems like countless hours of separation he finally realizes that he is in fact a cartoon character and therefore does not truly have to abide the true laws of physics of what is and is not possible. With that in mind he does what can be described as a cartwheel across the cliff.

Having reached the other side, his victory is won and the story ends.

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