In Class Assignment 5


Before                                                                           After

For the HDR image I did on my own I basically followed the steps from the tutorial but I changed some of the values for instance I went a little brighter on the highlights then the shadows and I also didn’t go with as high for a value on the gaussian blur.  I think it brought out more detail in the tree itself.

Content Aware

Before                                                                       After

For the content aware part I took an image of beach volleyball players.  I took out the player just to the right of the guy about to spike the ball as well as the three people closer tot the water.  I also eliminated the person in the far background walking with the other women.

Before                                                                        After

For the make it sunny I again followed the steps similar to the tutorial.  I immediately brightened the image by using the curves tool.  I then quick selected the water and put a photo filter over it.  After that I quick selected the sky which was completely cloudy and used the same gradient from the tutorial.  I then put in some white fluffy clouds and copied them and flipped vertically to reflect in the water.  Overall I think it turned out pretty good this was the most difficult of the three but I’m happy with the results.

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