Presentation #4


I have got to say what a relief it is having completed my final presentation. The weeks leading up to my presentation were filled with late nights looking for sources and examples. I could have used more time to organize my presentation but by giving my presentation last week I have found time to prepare for finals. When I first picked my topic, how to jump start a vehicle, I thought it would be rather simple to find sources for my topic but I was wrong. The process of how to jump start a car is simple enough and therefore there were very few sources.

Leading up to giving my speech I would go from feeling confident about my presentation to unsure. I was confident I understood my topic but unsure as to how the audience would receive me. While giving my speech I panicked and lost track of my speed, tone. I was watching the time keeper throughout my presentation to insure that I would meet the required time and not one time did I see her indicate how long I had been presenting. As a result I wrapped up my presentation before the six minute time limit.

If I were to give presentation 4 over again I would do two things differently. First, I would pick a different topic so I could find more sources and not have to struggle to meet the time requirement. Secondly, I would not have let the time keeper interfere with my speech. That being said, the mistakes I made during presentation 4 will give me an idea of what I need to improve in the future.

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