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Monthly Archive for January, 2009

January 20, 2009

I thought it was an interesting class today. I didn’t spend any more time today on the review of financial statements.  You should be spending time making sure you have all the financial statement equations memorized.  Also, you should be learning the direct form of presenting cash flows from operating activities. I reminded the class […]

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January 15, Thursday

Class today went too fast. The major point of today’s class is that the public’s perception of accounting and accountants matters a great deal. Really. The fate of accounting standards and auditing will be decided by people who either have very little knowledge of them, or else have much to gain by the demise of […]

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Pro IFRS materials

Grad students, Please list your sources by making a comment. Dr. Albrecht

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January 13, Tuesday

Wow.  The classroom is really full.  Combined enrollment is 58, and there are only 60 seats in the room.  If you come late, you don’t have much option as to where you sit. This is a very key time in financial accounting and regulation.  The U.S. is very heavy into regulation.  Why?   The policy of […]

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