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Dec 11

Nothing really to report this week.  No further work will be done with my client until next semester (or possibly longer now that her grant money may be coming sooner than expected, pushing ahead other projects).  I finished putting together my final PDF book for the most part, just a couple minor changes to make […]

Dec 04

So, class is winding down and I’m not going to lie I’m a little relieved.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy this class, it’s just that this semester turned out to be way more stressful than I anticipated.  My client is in the process of writing a $500,000 dollar grant for the library (I’m actually […]

Nov 20

Had a very slow week actually. Been very busy with many other projects and my client had some stuff come up.  Just been doing some tweaks and designs to the interface and I am working on designing the contact and about pages right now.  I made sure to get the other pages that already existed […]

Nov 14

Slowly but surely getting the design for the interface completed.  There are some elements I’m still trying to decide what I want to do with so I don’t really want to post them until they’re finished (I have a bit of OCD when it comes to people seeing my unfinished work).  Apart from that I’ve […]

Nov 06

Didn’t make much progress this week because my boss was gone at a conference friday and was very very busy all week preparing for it.  I hardly ever saw or spoke to her actually, so it was hard to make much more progress than I already had on the interface without being able to check […]

Oct 30

Just getting through designing the interface of the site.  The logo is pretty much completely finalized and so now just trying to work with the client on their ideas on the interface.  I’m starting with the main, color choosing page because it’s sort of the whole focal point of the website, so any design choices […]

Oct 23

Right now just tweaking the new logo to make it fit their specifications.  We had a review meeting and there have been some changes but nothing entirely too major.  It should be completely done very shortly, and I’ve started some preliminary work on creating the interface.  The idea for the interface and design is to […]

Oct 16

So, I’ve definitely been feeling the pressure from all my classes (and my current co-op right now), so the stress is slowly rising, but I finally got the first draft of the logo done! They already seemingly love it at lot, and the only major tweaks that will be taking place will be with the […]

Oct 09

So after getting pretty far on the logo for the site, my boss came back to me and said that they had an epiphany about how they wanted it to look, which actually isn’t too far off from what I was doing, but it was just easier for me to restart from scratch design wise, […]

Oct 01

So I’ve finally begun production on the logo section of the project.  I’ve got about two to three sketch options signed off by them, so I’m now working on getting those completely worked out.  I’m really excited about the options they chose, and I would post them but I currently nowhere near a scanner 🙁 […]

Sep 25

Hey everyone!  Just uploaded my annotated bibliographies and module 2 pdf to myfiles, so it feels great to get those things out of the way.  Haven’t really gotten started too much on the proposal yet, mostly because I’m in VCT 4820, and we’re working on our proposals in that class right now as well.  In terms of […]

Sep 15

Hey all! Not much to report at the moment.  Just going over some simple design options for the logo for HueTunes, but nothing has really gotten out of the brainstorming and sketching phases yet.  I’m really excited to delve deeper into the project, but client scheduling conflicts and other classes has been making it a […]

Sep 07

Hey again everyone! Just blogging again to give a little update on the progress of my project.  Sat down and ironed out some more specifics with my client this week, and I’m really super excited to get to the actual production side of things (isn’t that always the funnest?).  I finished Module 1 on Monday […]

Sep 01

Hey all!  Just wanted to write this post about the progress of my project for this synthesis class.  I’m just beginning work on Module 1, but working daily with my client has made it easy to discuss this project freely and openly and efficiently (my client is also my co-op boss for LITS in the […]

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