Sep 07

Hey again everyone! Just blogging again to give a little update on the progress of my project.  Sat down and ironed out some more specifics with my client this week, and I’m really super excited to get to the actual production side of things (isn’t that always the funnest?).  I finished Module 1 on Monday and I’ve already posted it onto the VCT 4670 server on myfiles, so I decided since I was pretty far ahead (I’ve actually had the whole draft done last week), I thought I’d get to work on Module 2, which I actually just finished this evening as well! Since I’m in a couple other classes with large projects that make up the entire class, I’m more than enjoying the opportunities to get ahead in my work to make sure I have enough time to get everything completed with quality.  I have to say Module 2 was pretty tricky mostly because trying to figure out pricing while you’re still a student in college is really difficult and confusing, but it was good to be able to sit down with a professional and get their opinion, and it turns out I wasn’t really far off at all in my estimates (well, my hourly rate anyway).  That’s it for this week! I hope everyone else’s projects are going smoothly!

2 thoughts on “Week Three (Post #2)

  1. Natalie Vacation
    10:24 am - 1-31-2012

    I found Module 2 a bit harsh myself. I felt as if I lacked the perspective an actual experience would give you.

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