My Portfolio Contact Page

Until last week, I had text just telling people to email me as I would be getting a contact form shortly for my portfolio site: Then last week I finally made myself a form to fill out directly from the website. I also used Live Validation, which is a JavaScript plugin that that validates the form as you type, with multiple option the developer can control. You can control the “you filled out this field successful” message and the “you did not meet the requirements yet for this field to be valid” message. You can control if the field is required, if you need to type numbers only, if you need to type a specific range of numbers, email address only, etc.

I still haven’t created a custom button yet for the form, but I’m happy with the overall result. I got CAPTCHA working too in it to prevent spam. Feel free to visit my Contact Page and start filling out the fields to see what I mean and see Live Validation in action. You don’t have to submit anything to me and you’ll still see it. Also, if you try to hit submit when one of the required fields is not filled out, it won’t submit and tell you it’s required.

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