Delicious and Nutritious Lunch

Lunch is very important in refueling the body during the day.  However, many people eat on the run or just grab unhealthy snacks.  Rushing to eat makes it difficult to make nutritious meals.  Here are some ideas on how to have a nutritious lunch.   

Eat Slowly:

  • Sit at a table during lunch
  • Focus on what you are eating
  • Always eat on a plate
  • Eat what you like
  • Eat only if you’re hungry

Make a Healthy Sandwich by:

  • Choosing whole grain bread or a pita pocket
  • Choosing 2-3 ounces of lean meat or poultry
  • Ordering sandwiches with fat free or reduced fat mayonnaise
  • Loading the sandwich with vegetables such as cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, or other green veggies
  • Asking for spread that has flavor, but low fat calories.  For example: Mustard of fat free dressing


It is easy to create fast and delicious sandwiches, salads, and soups that can be put in containers to take to work.  Buy random ingredients such as mango’s, raisins, peas, and cauliflower to add to spinach for a fast salad. Also, make lunch the night before.  Pre-made lunches will help decrease a rushed lunch.

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