Archive for Social Studies

The United State’s Central Intelligence Agency has a website for kids with resources for parents and teachers.

The Avalon Project from the Yale Law School is divided into documents by century.

The American Presidency Project makes available thousands of documents related to the presidency.

The United States Senate has an interactive site that covers not only current topics within the Seanate, but also historical.

The Charters of Freedom is an online exhibit that allows your students to visit the great documents of the National Archive without ever traveling to Washington, D.C.  Share the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights with your students. displays the original document, a transcript and other teaching resources for 100 Milestone Documents that focus on the history of the United States. has educational resources about the Nobel prize itself, as well an impressive array of science games to help students understand the science behind many of the awards.  Aslo included on the site is a documentary about the most recent laureate winners.

Citizen Kid Central

April 6, 2012

Citizen Kid Central offers educators, children, and their families many resources to explore global issues and guide discussions around challenging while still being appropriate for children. You can explore more that 40 activities and watch over 40 short videos that bring global issues to life. The site is great for research and has helpful homework tools.

Population Reference Bureau is the place to go to receive demographic data and timely reports to aid students in their research on population trends. The site provides many articles, videos, lesson plans, teacher’s guides, and a glossary of terms.

World of 7 Billion

April 6, 2012

World of 7 Billion is a great resource that both teacher and students can use. It offers teachers hands-on classroom and school-wide activities on global demographics, international development, girls’ empowerment and human ecology. Teachers can download free lesson plans or take a look at the poster ‘A Quick Trip to 7 Billion.’