New Star Trek Manuscripts Collection

The Ray and Pat Browne Popular Culture Library is proud to announce the availability of the Alice J. Mills Kirk/Spock (K/S) Fanzine Collection for research. Mills (1932-2015) was an accomplished writer, collector and reviewer of Star Trek fan fiction, in particular stories focused on the homoerotic elements of the Kirk/Spock relationship, also known as “slash” fiction. Mills collected and contributed to fanzines for more than 30 years, and much of that effort is reflected in this collection. The collection also includes correspondence with other slash writers and hand-written reviews of stories and zines, as well as photographs, audio recordings of Star Trek stars, and fan art. This collection may be of particular interest to scholars working in the fields of feminist theory, queer theory, fan studies, gender studies, science fiction and genre literature, as well as other aspects of late-20th century American popular culture. A finding aid for the collection can be found here:

 Knights of Space KS Fan Art Mills Collect MontageThe Browne Popular Culture Library is grateful to the Mills family for their donation of this important collection, and in particular Alice’s daughter Jean Mills, who provided invaluable context for her mothers’ life and work.