Social media intelligence in Mintel

The important market research database Mintel now includes social media intelligence. This intelligence reveals how people are engage with brands within consumer goods and services markets online, and why.

Mintel social media analysts track online conversations then apply their knowledge and expertise to reveal trends and themes in what people are talking about. Their research appears in a new social media section in the “Brand/Company” segment of Mintel reports. Download a sample infographic, or visit the “Brand/Company” section of these reports:

  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Hybrid & Electric Cars
  • White Spirits
  • Beer
  • Pizza Restaurants
  • Gum, Mints & Breath Fresheners
  • Medicated Skincare

To find a specific report, log in to Mintel, then go to “Reports,” and “My Reports” (see image above). Browse to the report by subject or click “View all” under national or international reports to see a list of all reports available.

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