Database trial: NBC Learn

NBC LearnHealth, politics, scientific discovery, poverty, and global events – all can be explored through NBC Learn, a database the library is trying out through April 21.

The database includes thousands of clips from the NBC News, plus older newsreels and archival footage and selected photographs. The items can be browsed by date or topic or searched by a variety of fields, including date and source. Items include transcripts that can be downloaded. Users can also save items to individual playlists.

In NBC Learn, you can watch this news video about the signing of the Voting Rights Act, which aired August 6, 1965, or news coverage of any number of historical U.S. and world events covered by NBC throughout the 20th century and up to the present.

Don’t forget to try our other great databases of news information, which include AP Images (thousands of images from the Associated Press) and the Vanderbilt Television News Archive, which includes video of all the broadcasts of the NBC Nightly News (including commercials!) from 1968 to the present, as well as broadcasts of the other major news networks.

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