Naughty to Nice: Women’s Center talk 4/27

Naughty to Nice album coversJoin librarians Susannah Cleveland and Bill Schurk at the Women’s Center (107 Hanna Hall) at noon today, Wednesday, April 27, to look at the different roles women have played on album covers over the last 100 years.

The description of their talk is: “Depictions and the inclusion of women in record cover art have varied greatly over the history of disc formats, all the way from 78 rpm records of the early 1900s through CD’s at the other end of the century. Often, women are mere decorative objects, while at other times, female artists use their cover art to make a positive statement about their own strength. We’ll be sharing images from the past 100 years that show the different roles women have taken in the art used to sell records as well as providing cultural context for these changing roles.”

Susannah and Bill are both librarians in the Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives on the third floor of the Jerome Library, which houses one of the most comprehensive collections of popular music in any academic library.

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