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Contouring 101
Posted on April 26th, 2011 at 11:31 am by and

Some people may think that the only way one can alter their face is through plastic surgery, well this is not true. After reading many beauty books and practicing on other people as well as myself, I have learned that one can give the illusion of a smaller or bigger feature on their face with makeup.

Things needed for this transformation:

1) flat brush, such as MAC 239 brush
2) fluffy brush, such as MAC 217 brush
3) pencil brush, such as MAC 219 brush
4) white pencil eyeliner
5) contour brush, such as MAC 168 brush
6) tapered brush, such as MAC 138 brush
7) a matte eye shadow, must be 2-3 shades lighter than your color
8) a cool tone brown blush, such as MAC taupe blush
9) a slightly shimmered eye shadow, must be 2-3 shades lighter than your skin color

Beauty Tip:

Colors that are darker than your skin color will give the illusion of something smaller and narrower, while colors lighter than your skin color will give the illusion of height.

How to Slim your face:

Take some of the cool tone blush using your contour brush and apply it to the hollows of your cheeks and extend the color towards your temples. Next take your shimmery shadow using your tapered brush and apply the color on top of your cheek bones. Use that same cool tone and apply it throughout your jaw line. This technique will give the illusion of a slimmer face and some may think you have lost 5-10 pounds.

Slimmer Nose:

Take your cool tone color using your flat brush and apply it to the sides of your nose; creating two lines, leaving only a pinky size space between your two darker lines. Using your fluffy brush, blend the two lines in circular motions; so it won’t be obvious what you tried to do. Next, apply your matte eye shadow color down the middle of your nose; in that pinky size space.

Bigger eyes:

Take your matte shadow and apply it all over your lids, next take that same cool tone color apply it to your crease blending upwards, try to connect your crease color to the lines you created with your nose. Then take the shimmer eye shadow and apply it to your brow bone. Next, take your white eyeliner and apply it to your lower rims.

Fuller Lips:

Take your pencil brush and apply some of the shimmer shadow and apply it to your cupid bow connecting the color to the bottom part of your nose; creating to mini natural lines. Next, take your cool tone again and place it below your lips; creating a semi circle (on the upper part of your chin). If you want you can go ahead and apply a lip pluming gloss to give a fuller effect… Watch out Angeline Jolie!

This whole makeup look in known as contouring and is frequently used by celebrities.