Brooklyn Bridge Financing

In terms of financing, I think it is very important to be aware of the site condition. Having a poor site condition will make construction unsafe, putting people’s lives in danger. It would also force a challenge that could have easily been avoided by choosing a better condition site. Problems like these may elad to harder accesibility and proper clientle if the site is not deemed safe. I regards to facility financing, I think financing alternatives privately would be the route I would choose. I say this because if one has the proper clientele, people who are willing to lend or give money to finance the facility, will be found. According to our text having ideas such as club seating or naming a particular section, structure, etc after a person may help to pretty sway them into giving more money. According to one site I found, it talks about the struggles with facility financing and how it is diffciult to get money from the public, and the numerous appraoches companies take, and they still do not receive much at all. I do not beleive it rasing taxes or going after the public in any way to help finance a majority of a facility. According to, it is said that keeping the surrounding public happy when a facility is open will ensure a steady crowd and income from those same people you thought about asking money from. I beleive this to be true. There is no easy way to finance a facility, but with proper planning and the right tools, it can be done on time and hopefully at a cost that is in the range of what was orignally planned.

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