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Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Champs: Friends of Jesus

Friends of Jesus celebratory huddle
Friends of Jesus teammates huddle up for the last time this season.  They end their regular season with a 3 – 1 record and win the championship game against Kettering Kounty.

Last week, the Ultimate Frisbee playoffs were held at the Perry Field House over a period of two days. Friends of Jesus squashed the competition and were the overall victors. Intense and aggressive, Friends of Jesus played their first playoff game against team Phrenocon last Tuesday night and wiped the floor with the competition gaining a 10-point lead by the end of the game. Phrenocon team captain, David Harrand, said his team seriously underestimated their competitors and the near shut out by Friends of Jesus upset their usual cooperative attitude with one another.

“We made the mistake of playing in our flag football game just before our frisbee game thinking that Tuesday night was going to be as easy as the regular  season was.” said Harrand. “We clearly weren’t prepared. We were down early in the game and instead of working together we criticized each other. No one was on the same page and everyone wanted to play their own way.”

After a big win against Phrenocon with a final score of 7-17, Friends of Jesus were scheduled to play Kettering Kounty the following night in the championship game.

The Kettering Kounty defense intensifies as Friends of Jesus’s Holden Smith nears the end zone. Ahmed Hayat (center, back, left) attempts to tear away from the Kettering Kounty defense to assist Smith.

Unlike Phrenocon, Kettering Kounty team captain, Nathan Wahle, understood that Friends of Jesus were serious competition.

“[We knew] it would be a tough game to win because we knew how good they were.” said Wahle.

With two teams prepared and ready to play, competition was fierce. The championship game began with an intense alternating goals between the two teams. Within the first two minutes of play, Friends of Jesus scored. Within seconds, Kettering Kounty tied up the game, however, Friends of Jesus quickly gained another one-point lead. This type of intense gameplay continued throughout the championship.

In fact, gameplay became so intense that twice “things got a little heated,” Wahle said. In the second half, a Friends of Jesus offensive player made a beautiful diving catch into the end zone. Friends of Jesus teammates cheered and Kettering Kounty teammates jeered, insisting that the frisbee hit the ground first. Ultimate Frisbee is known as a “gentleman’s sport” which means teams are expected to rely on the honor code in terms of play discrepancies. In the end, they determined the pass to be complete and Friends of Jesus went on to win the championship with a hard-earned win of 13-11.

Participating in intramural sports is a great way to stay active, be competitive and interact with people. According to Scott Sehmann, assistant director for intramurals and sports clubs, nearly 6,000 people participate in intramurals annually, earning approximately $65,000 for the University Sehmann said.

“Our offerings are as vast as any institution in the country and we typically have more divisions(levels of play) then most institutions as well giving more participants an opportunity to compete for an IM Championship title and T-Shirt.” said Sehmann.

If you are interested in joining an intramural team please contact the Department of Recreation and Wellness at 419.372.2464 or email at Please visit the intramural web page for more information concerning costs and eligibility. Also, become a free member of IM Leagues and keep up with your favorite team.

November Intramurals

As the seasons change so do the intramural sports at BGSU.  Say goodbye to intramural football and frisbee, say hello to innertube waterpolo, raquetball, team handball, and wiffleball.  These are the new sports that will be played during the month of november.  Finding a sport that is right for each student is easy because these sports each target different types of people.

If students are looking for a fun, team sport, then handball, whiffleball, or waterpolo is the right choice.  If students are in search of a solo sport, then raquetball is the right choice.  Raquetball is like a strategic chess match against the opponent.  Unlike team sports, each person can only count on themself to make the right shot or do the right thing.  Raquetball is a lot of fun and students should join a league this season.

Whether students want to join a team sport or an individual sport this upcoming season, there are many options to consider.  If there are questions regarding anything intramural visit our online page by clicking HERE!

Internship and Practicum Students Wanted for Recreation and Wellness

Are you looking for an on-campus internship or practicum for the spring semester? Look no further, Recreation and Wellness is now accepting applications for next semester from a wide variety of majors.

The internships and practicums are open to all majors including recreation and tourism, sport management, marketing and journalism.

“We base the jobs on what the academic credentials are of the student,” Lona Leck, Assistant Director of the Department of Recreation and Wellness, said.

Students can apply to the various departments within Recreation and Wellness including the Ice Arena, Intramurals and Sport Clubs, Youth and Family, advertising, Forrest Creason Golf Course, Perry Field House, Student Recreation Center and Wellness Connection.

Leck believes having interns and practicums within the department helps the staff and broadens the knowledge of the department overall.

“We want to get those new ideas from students,” Leck said. “You know what our programs are lacking more than we do.”

Leck also said the department sometimes gets lucky enough to find an intern or practicum student who they hire full-time.

Not only does interning or having a practicum with Recreation and Wellness benefit the department, but also the students.

“It’s a great experience to put on a resume,” Leck said.

Chris McDaniel, a senior Tourism and Event Planning major, interns with Recreation and Wellness and works on marketing in the Perry Field House. McDaniel said he feels he is gaining a lot of valuable knowledge that is going to help him in his future career.

Carolyn Deas, Senior Sports Management major also enjoys having her practicum at the with the Department of Recreation and Wellness.

“As a practicum student, you learn how to plan an event from the very beginning, from contract to execution,” Deas said. “And it’s rewarding to see it progress over time.”

Leck also said working with the department gives students a “taste of what the work in Recreation is really like.”

Students can  only gain valuable resume-worthy experience and enjoy where they work.

We’re really laid back, but we get our work done,” Deas said. “But that doesn’t stop us from taking a few minutes out of our lunch break to fly a kite, which we’ve done.”

While there are multiple internship and practicum opportunities available within the department, students are encouraged to apply early for positions and not wait until the start of the semester.

Leck also recommends students follow the instructions on the web site.

“We’re most impressed with students who follow instructions,” Leck said.

For those interested in applying for a spring internship, follow the link to learn more about the positions offered and apply now.

Have you ever heard of Ultimate Frisbee?

Prior to college, the one time in my life I had heard about Ultimate Frisbee was from my crazy neighbor Marty, who played the game during his days at Notre Dame and had continued to play with those same buddies years after he graduated.  One day, suspicion had risen at my house when Marty made his wife mow the lawn because he had blown out his knee while playing this game he called “ultimate frisbee”.  Marty went on and on about this game like a broken record but I had never even heard of it.  He tried explaining the game to my father and I but it went in one ear and out the other.  Like many people in America, my father and I tended to stick with the traditional games such as; football, baseball, and basketball.  Marty stated that this game was much different and that it was big on college campuses.

Besides football, ultimate frisbee may be the most sought after championship amongst collegiate intramural players.  After four years of being on this campus I have learned that this game goes further than the intramural competitions.  On any given day when the weather is permitting, ultimate frisbee will most likely be played somewhere on campus.  The game is very fast paced and full of action.  Unlike some other sports, every player on the field is constantly moving and competing against the guy next to him.  Honestly, I don’t know the rules, the scoring system, or even how many players are on a team, but it’s something different and it looks fun.  Anthony Althauser is a BG student who plays ultimate frisbee.  In an interview he said,

“I’ve been playing about 5 years.  Ultimate frisbee is fun because it’s competitive and I love running down or diving for a tough catch.  It takes a lot of skill but almost anyone can play.  You have to be athletic, be able to throw well, and know how to read it in the air.  I love it.”

Ultimate Frisbee has been around for a little longer than four decades, created by Joel Silver in 1968.  At the time of it’s creation Joel was in high school, but later he also formed the first collegiate club when he attended Lafayette College in 1970.  Ultimate Frisbee, in a way, is like a best kept secret among those who play the sport.

At Bowling Green, ultimate frisbee is offered as an intramural sport to all students who attend the university.  The fall season began on September 7 and play continues until the end of the month.  If you are interested in the game or just want to see people running around chasing a frisbee, the intramural league is played at the Perry Field House on Monday and Wednesday nights.  For more information about intramurals click HERE.

BGSU playing Ultimate Frisbee

BGSU Intramurals and Sport Clubs

The Department of Recreation and Wellness values good health and staying fit. This season especially, students are flocking to facilities to “get their RecWell on.” From pumping iron, to running on a treadmill, or swimming laps in the pool, BGSU offers many opportunities for working up a sweat.

Alternatives that are not as much work as fun are Intramurals and Sports Clubs. This type of exercise not only encourages health and fitness, but also teamwork, competition, and excitement.

The Intramural Sports Program is available to students, faculty, and staff. Teams are formed in Men, Women, Co-Rec, and independent Greek Leagues. Leagues are also divided by interest and skill level.  Although some spring intramurals have already begun, there is still time to sign up for a variety of others. Entries for Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, and Tennis are being accepted March 2nd through March 15th. And with warmer months in view, entries for 3-Pitch Softball Tournaments, Cornhole Tournaments, and a golf scramble will be accepted in late March and early April.

Sports Clubs are structured on a more competitive level. Unlike Intramurals, Sports Clubs reach out to other clubs and universities for competition. Sports Clubs focus greatly on leadership and student development as participating students develop their own teams, officers, and schedules.

Club volleyball participant Ashley St. John describes her experience with club sports as a very positive one. “Club sports are a great way to meet new people that share the same interest as you. I am very grateful I have the opportunity to play volleyball again just for fun,” she said.

As the spring months continue to creep closer, don’t let a boring routine discourage you from exercise. Sign up for Intramurals or Sports Clubs! More information about registration and these organizations can be found on the BGSU RecWell Web Site.