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BGSU Intramurals and Sport Clubs

The Department of Recreation and Wellness values good health and staying fit. This season especially, students are flocking to facilities to “get their RecWell on.” From pumping iron, to running on a treadmill, or swimming laps in the pool, BGSU offers many opportunities for working up a sweat.

Alternatives that are not as much work as fun are Intramurals and Sports Clubs. This type of exercise not only encourages health and fitness, but also teamwork, competition, and excitement.

The Intramural Sports Program is available to students, faculty, and staff. Teams are formed in Men, Women, Co-Rec, and independent Greek Leagues. Leagues are also divided by interest and skill level.  Although some spring intramurals have already begun, there is still time to sign up for a variety of others. Entries for Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, and Tennis are being accepted March 2nd through March 15th. And with warmer months in view, entries for 3-Pitch Softball Tournaments, Cornhole Tournaments, and a golf scramble will be accepted in late March and early April.

Sports Clubs are structured on a more competitive level. Unlike Intramurals, Sports Clubs reach out to other clubs and universities for competition. Sports Clubs focus greatly on leadership and student development as participating students develop their own teams, officers, and schedules.

Club volleyball participant Ashley St. John describes her experience with club sports as a very positive one. “Club sports are a great way to meet new people that share the same interest as you. I am very grateful I have the opportunity to play volleyball again just for fun,” she said.

As the spring months continue to creep closer, don’t let a boring routine discourage you from exercise. Sign up for Intramurals or Sports Clubs! More information about registration and these organizations can be found on the BGSU RecWell Web Site.

RecWell Opportunities for Student Employment and Experience

Recreation and Wellness employs BGSU students in a variety of different areas creating career and leadership development opportunities. Available positions can be found at all of the department’s facilities, such as the Student Recreation Center (SRC), Ice Arena, and Forrest Creason Golf Course. Additionally, there are four different levels of positions. A position’s level reflects its responsibilities, any required experience or certification, and salary.

Morgan Montgomery is an Intramural Student Supervisor with Recreation and Wellness, and has been for nearly one year. He has been with the department for a total of two and a half years, beginning as an official for Intramural Sports.

“It’s been great. There is camaraderie, our staff is close,” said Montgomery. “For a job like this in school, you can’t beat it.”

Employment at Recreation and Wellness contributes to the professional development of students and supplements classroom learning with real life experience.

“My job has prepared me for managing and directing people,” stated Montgomery, a construction management major. “Not everyone gets that, dealing with people and having a staff. The management of people will help.”

Considering his experiences working for Recreation and Wellness’ Intramural Sports Program, Montgomery recommends student employment with the department.

“I can’t think of another job on campus where you meet the people you meet here, enjoy your job, and get to be around athletics,” said Montgomery.

As Intramural Supervisor, Montgomery is responsible for on-site supervision, inspection of facilities and equipment, and evaluation of scorekeepers and officials amongst other duties. Other supervisory roles, such as the Perry Field House Supervisor, share similar responsibilities. Both positions are categorized at level four.

In order for a student to work his or her way up to positions in levels two through four, entry into a level one position is encouraged. These positions, such as Climbing Wall Attendant and Golf Course Maintenance Attendant, allow the student employee to become familiar with a specific aspect of Recreation and Wellness. The Climbing Wall Attendant is responsible for customer service and maintaining climbing wall safety, while the Golf Course Maintenance Attendant’s duties include mowing the greens, tees, fairways and roughs.

After spending time working in level one positions, student employees have the chance to move up to positions with more responsibilities and higher pay. SRC Pro Shop Manager and Zamboni Room Associate are examples of level two positions. The SRC Pro Shop Manager supervises the Pro Shop Attendants, completes shift sales reports, and does periodic inspections of facilities and equipment. Duties required of the Zamboni Room Associate include training of the Zamboni Room staff and setting up the ice for games.

Certain positions may require outside certification. The Learn-to-Swim Instructor position requires an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certification. While this position is at level three, its unique certification does not require applicants to have a prior work history with Recreation and Wellness at a level one or two position. Many of the other positions in the department require First Aid and CPR certification.

For more information on positions available and contact information, please visit the Recreation and Wellness Student Employment Web site.

Intramural Sports Enrich University Experience

Intramural Sports provide an important service to BGSU students. BGSU’s Intramural Sports Program offers a variety of sports in which students can compete, from badminton to flag football to inner-tube water polo.

“Students will remember the friendships and bonds they created while playing,” said Grant Wallace, a Graduate Assistant for the Intramural Sports Program. “It enhances the college experience.”

Some of the more popular sports include flag football, basketball, soccer, and six-on-six volleyball. There are multiple divisions in which student teams can participate; men’s competitive and recreational, women’s competitive and recreation, co-recreation competitive and recreational, fraternity A and B, and sorority.

“We’re one of the largest organizations on campus,” added Wallace.

“There are around 130 to 150 flag football teams,” said Intramural Sports Program Graduate Assistant Rob Latva.

Flag football games are played Monday through Thursday evening. On Wednesday, October 7, BGSU students Craig Tusing, Pat Dougherty, and Austin Arnold, and Zach Gueth, members of the men’s recreational team Oakville enjoyed their first win of the season. All four agreed the win was their favorite part of the flag football intramurals.

While Dougherty and Arnold are seniors, Tusing and Gueth both have plans to play again in the future.

“It gives me a break,” stated Gueth. “I have such a busy schedule.”

Feelings, such as those expressed by Gueth, are common amongst students competing in Intramural Sports.

“It’s a stress reliever,” said Wallace. “The best part is you get a free t-shirt.”

Every team that wins an Intramural Sports Championship receives a free, Intramural Sports Championship t-shirt. The free t-shirt is not the only benefit of competing for an Intramural Sports Title.

“We offer some opportunities to those playing in championships,” stated Latva, “some will be playing in the Doyt.”

While the flag football season is winding down, there are still many other sports offered by the Intramural Sports Program for which students can still register. Badminton, team handball, and whiffleball are just a few of the sports still available for the Fall 2009 semester.

“We have a new sport that’s never been tried before, long drive golf,” said Latva. “We’re taking registration until next Wednesday (October 14.) Inner-tube water polo is a lot of fun. We also have tennis ball, which is an indoor version of softball.”

In addition to providing the opportunity to compete with fellow BGSU students, the Intramural Sports Program also offers students the chance to compete with students from rival UT.

“We do a BG vs. UT Battle of Champions,” stated Latva. “This year flag football will be in the Doyt and basketball will be played at UT.”

Champions from the fraternity A, men’s, women’s, and co-recreation competitive divisions will have the chance to compete in the BG vs. UT Battle of Champions.

The BG vs. UT Battle of Champions is not the only opportunity to compete against students from other schools offered by the Intramural Sports Program.

“We offer regional tournaments with schools from surrounding states,” said Latva. “Students can compete against other universities and move on to nationals. This year they’re in Tampa in January.”

Students interested in regional tournaments can inquire at the Intramural Sports Program office at Perry Field House, Room 130. Additional information about Intramural Sports can be found at

Shenanigans (Blue) vs. Mean-Valued Old Men (Red): Wednesday, December 3rd

As the Water Polo Championships were nearing, both Shenanigans and Mean-Valued Old Men were looking to continue their journey of winning the championship.  The two were meeting for the semifinals, but based on the performance that each team delivered it could have been the championship.  The match started out with both teams at each end awaiting the ref’s placement of the ball in the middle.  Once the ball hit the water, both teams scrambled for possession.  This proved to be the theme for the entire match and this was due to the goalies and defenders in front of them getting the job done.  While the defenses played good for the majority of the game, there was a period in the first half where there were about 12 goals in 10 minutes.  For the other 30 minutes, only 4 goals were scored.  Going into the half, both offensive attacks had to be happy with the results that were on the scoreboard (7-7).  The second half was not as forgiving to the offenses as there were only 2 more goals scored (both by MVOM).  Could this be because of conservative play?  Well, this proved to be too much for Shenanigans and MVOM advanced to the finals for Thursday night’s championship game.

Final Score: Mean-Valued Old Men–9    Shenanigans–7

Play of the game: Shenanigans makes a behind-the-back goal in the first period to take a 1-point    lead


Friends of Satan @ Phi Delta & Kappa Delta 1: Thursday, November 13th

Both Friends of Satan and Team Phi Delta and Kappa Delta were looking to collect a victory in this one.  The game got out to a quick start with the home team gaining 3 runs in the top-half of the inning, and Friends of Satan answering with 2 of their own.  FOS’s pitcher got some momentum for his team by preventing Team PD/KD from scoring in the 2nd, and this led to his team scoring 6 runs (maximum) in the bottom of the inning to take an 8-3 lead.  Team PD/KD was showing some fight as they scored 3 runs themselves in the top-half of the 3rd to bring it within a deficit of 2 (8-6).  The story of the game was responding to adversity on the part of Friends of Satan.  They scored 4 runs shortly after the 3 run performance of Team PD/KD and added 4 more in the next two innings.  The game was called in after the top of the sixth inning due to the 6 run rule implemented by league officials.  When it was all said and done, Friends of Satan capitalized with a victory.

Final Score: 16-8 in favor of FOS

Play(s) of the Game:

–FOS outfielder makes an over-the-head catch to end the inning

–FOS 2nd baseman charges for a chopper in front of the mound and gets tangled up with the umpire and         both fall to the ground (Noone was hurt).