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BGSU Employees Have Opportunity to Compete

Every hard worker deserves some time for leisure. This spring Recreation and Wellness is offering an opportunity for BGSU faculty and staff to get out of the office and on to the golf course. 


The 2010 BGSU Employee Wellness Golf League is a 16-week league that takes place every Thursday at 5:30 PM. The league begins on April 8th and goes through July 22nd at Forrest Creason Golf Course. The cost of the league per player is $13.00/week walking and $19.00/week with a cart. Each team will only play 9 holes per week.

Teams are made up of two people, at least one of them being a BGSU faculty/staff member. Employees can team up with family, friends, or another BGSU employee.  Each team is paired with another team of two every week to create a four-some at tee off.

The first two weeks are played to determine golfer’s averages and handicaps. They are played with the same format and rules as regular league play.  Actual league play will begin on the third week.

Scoring is determined on a point scale. Teams of two compete against other teams in the league and the other team in their foursome. Two points are earned for every team victory and one point is earned for ties. Team scores are recorded by each team on scorecards and must be complete and accurate when turned in.

Coincidently, golf is one of the most utilized social mediums in the corporate world. The sport consists of friendly competition as well as a great deal of communication and socializing. Why discuss business around a boring conference table when you can discuss it on the golf course?


Open positions are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis so contact Caitlin Spontelli today and register by phone, 419.372.9309 or email,

Forrest Creason’s Inaugural Turkey Open

Area golfers have the opportunity to play a unique round of golf and win a turkey just in time for Thanksgiving. Sunday, November 15, Forrest Creason Golf Course hosts the Inaugural Turkey Open. The layout of the course differs for the scramble event compared to the usual format, and the winning team receives a turkey.

The four-person scramble is not a typical round of 18 or 9 holes of golf. Instead, the Inaugural Turkey Open consists of 12-hole, cross country golf.

“We have made up 12 new holes,” said Director of Golf at Forrest Creason Golf Course Kurt Thomas. “For example, we will tee off on top of the hill and go to the 13th green and tee off on the 14th hole and go to the seventh green. We will also have some interesting pin placements to make it more challenging.”

Entry into the Inaugural Turkey Open is limited to 12 teams of four people. According to Thomas, those participating can expect “a new experience on the course with a lot of fun and socializing.”

The cost of the Inaugural Turkey Open is $50 per team and includes golf, a cart, and prizes. The event begins with a shotgun start at noon. Entry is limited, so interested teams should sign up soon. Entry forms are available by the visiting the Forrest Creason Golf Course Web site.

RecWell Opportunities for Student Employment and Experience

Recreation and Wellness employs BGSU students in a variety of different areas creating career and leadership development opportunities. Available positions can be found at all of the department’s facilities, such as the Student Recreation Center (SRC), Ice Arena, and Forrest Creason Golf Course. Additionally, there are four different levels of positions. A position’s level reflects its responsibilities, any required experience or certification, and salary.

Morgan Montgomery is an Intramural Student Supervisor with Recreation and Wellness, and has been for nearly one year. He has been with the department for a total of two and a half years, beginning as an official for Intramural Sports.

“It’s been great. There is camaraderie, our staff is close,” said Montgomery. “For a job like this in school, you can’t beat it.”

Employment at Recreation and Wellness contributes to the professional development of students and supplements classroom learning with real life experience.

“My job has prepared me for managing and directing people,” stated Montgomery, a construction management major. “Not everyone gets that, dealing with people and having a staff. The management of people will help.”

Considering his experiences working for Recreation and Wellness’ Intramural Sports Program, Montgomery recommends student employment with the department.

“I can’t think of another job on campus where you meet the people you meet here, enjoy your job, and get to be around athletics,” said Montgomery.

As Intramural Supervisor, Montgomery is responsible for on-site supervision, inspection of facilities and equipment, and evaluation of scorekeepers and officials amongst other duties. Other supervisory roles, such as the Perry Field House Supervisor, share similar responsibilities. Both positions are categorized at level four.

In order for a student to work his or her way up to positions in levels two through four, entry into a level one position is encouraged. These positions, such as Climbing Wall Attendant and Golf Course Maintenance Attendant, allow the student employee to become familiar with a specific aspect of Recreation and Wellness. The Climbing Wall Attendant is responsible for customer service and maintaining climbing wall safety, while the Golf Course Maintenance Attendant’s duties include mowing the greens, tees, fairways and roughs.

After spending time working in level one positions, student employees have the chance to move up to positions with more responsibilities and higher pay. SRC Pro Shop Manager and Zamboni Room Associate are examples of level two positions. The SRC Pro Shop Manager supervises the Pro Shop Attendants, completes shift sales reports, and does periodic inspections of facilities and equipment. Duties required of the Zamboni Room Associate include training of the Zamboni Room staff and setting up the ice for games.

Certain positions may require outside certification. The Learn-to-Swim Instructor position requires an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certification. While this position is at level three, its unique certification does not require applicants to have a prior work history with Recreation and Wellness at a level one or two position. Many of the other positions in the department require First Aid and CPR certification.

For more information on positions available and contact information, please visit the Recreation and Wellness Student Employment Web site.

4th Annual Recreation & Wellness Golf Outing Results

Friday, September 25, BGSU students, faculty, staff, and members of the Bowling Green community gathered at Forest Creason Golf Course for the 4th Annual Recreation and Wellness Golf Outing. The annual scramble supports the Recreation and Wellness Foundation.

Jim Hanson and his daughter, Deb Hanson, made their fourth appearance in the Recreation and Wellness Golf Outing.

“It’s a great event, and it’s getting bigger every year,” said Jim Hanson. “Each year interest has built, and there are a lot of young people.”

Scott Sehmann has also played in all four outings.

“It’s a fun afternoon with good food,” noted Sehmann. “I’m looking forward to hopefully winning the putting contest.”

Prior to the outing’s 12:30 p.m. shotgun start, participants gathered for lunch and the opportunity to compete in a putting contest. The putting contest entry fee was $5 with half the purse going to the winner and half going to the Recreation and Wellness Foundation.

“They get three putts from ten feet,” explained Nate Boneta, a Graduate Assistant to the Department of Recreation and Wellness in Marketing and Advertising. “Whoever makes all three, or whoever makes the most, goes on to the final round. The final round is one 30-foot putt. Whoever makes that, or is closest, wins.”

Unfortunately for Sehmann, he did not win the putting contest. Brandon Hutton won by sinking a 30-foot putt in the final round.

“I went off the first putt and watched the line,” said Hutton of following the same break the participant putting before him experienced.

The 18-hole, two-person scramble began following the putting contest at 12:30 p.m. The winners in the men’s division were Steve Kampf and Kevin Atwood. The women’s division winners were Linda Hammer and Cathy Swick, and the mixed division winners were Woody Woodhouse and Deanna Vatan Woodhouse.

Other contests during outing included: men’s longest drive, won by Atwood; women’s longest drive, won by Hammer; women’s longest putt, won by Hyun Sun Lee; and closest to the line, won by Joe Herringshaw.

More information on winners, sponsors, and prize donors can be found at