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Introduction/Why We Crave Horror Movies
October 7, 2009, 9:16 am
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When we look at finding a cause of something, it helps to be or have been directly involved in the event. Such as in the introduction, the college student who wrote the paper on the differences between the AIDS epidemic in North America as opposed to Southern Africa has a cousin who has AIDS, and was very successful in her argument of causes. The reporter talking about the discrimination of boys’ behavior has never been directly involved with young boys and therefore received negative feedback on their writing about dealing with the boys in question. We must also assume unpopular causes sometimes, like the author writing about security in school. They suggested getting rid of lockers and having backpack scanning equipment, which would be unpopular with students and some teachers, but would be accepted by the principals who responded because they are responsible for the entirety of the school.

After reading “Why We Crave Horror Movies” I feel as though Stephen King is saying that was all like horror movies because we’re all mildly insane. He talks about how it satisfies emotions not widely accepted by normal social standards, which I agree with to a point. Watching horror movies, especially about murderers and killing kind of curbs the sadism we all have sometimes without us going out and doing the killing ourselves. I’m not saying watching horror movies is a good substitute for the satisfying feeling of murder, but I feel as though it takes a certain amount of sadism to watch and enjoy a horror movie.

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