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Does ‘dead week’ really exist?

Well, another birthday has come and gone, which means the end of the semester is near.

I find great humor in students who are so excited about “dead week.”  Actually, I think I am slightly jealous since I have never had a dead week, which is the week professors are “supposed” to back down and let students study and ask questions.

As it turns out, I have three exams during dead week this semester.  In my experience, dead week is an opportunity for professors to teach everything they missed and then test us right before the final. I find it to be … Continue Reading

‘Thank you BG for being a home away from home’

So, this Thanksgiving was much better than last year’s Thanksgiving, and I would like to share it with you!

As many of you know, I do not go home for Thanksgiving; it is too far and too expensive.  So, I opted to be one of the RAs on duty during Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, I barely saw anyone.

My days started with duty walks with my duty partner. Then I took a nap. Then it was lots of homework, movies and then duty walks again. Overall though, I ended up being productive (but it was strange that there was STILL stuff … Continue Reading

You might be an RA if …

If you walk the long way to class so that you can walk with a resident and get to know him or her more, you might be an RA.

If you intend to have a relaxing night, but you actually stay up until 6 a.m. because someone needs your help, you might be an RA.

If you find yourself wondering how you do it all and sometimes stress about your life, you might be an RA.

If you strive to make someone else’s college experience superb, you might be an RA.

People often ask me why I decided to become an RA, especially now … Continue Reading

Just call me the frozen yogurt connoisseur

The western United States has had frozen yogurt for a long time.  Growing up, I would occasionally check out the TCBY and try something new and exciting. 

But about two years ago, frozen yogurt started making a larger scale appearance.  Three varieties of frozen yogurt shops opened in and around my hometown.  Being able to drive and go check out these places, I discovered that I am a typical teenager – I love frozen yogurt that tastes like ice cream.  I also love the idea of putting your twist on the frozen yogurt, as in a variety of toppings.  At my … Continue Reading

Yup, I am freaking out

I find it hard to believe that we are already halfway through another semester. Another fall break has come and gone and I have successfully started FREAKING OUT.

I am sure you are wondering why on earth I would be freaking out, and chances are I am freaking out for the same reason YOU are freaking out. 

First stress: class registration.  If you did not know, class registration for spring semester is this month! I feel as if I haven’t gotten into the swing of this semester well enough to try and think about next semester.  But I suppose the best way … Continue Reading

Sunny days help curb slacking?

I might be in my second year, but I can honestly say studying does not seem to get any easier.  I have been thinking a lot about this and have come up with a few reasons as to why. I also have a few possible solutions.


First, college students have to constantly readjust to different professors.  Let’s be realistic, professors do not all teach in the same way and different subjects require different ways of studying.  For instance, I can use flashcards for … Continue Reading

Treat your RA with respect by Caitlyn

So, I have been back on campus for two weeks doing RA training. And let me tell you, I am beyond shocked at how much work goes into being an RA!

I adored my RA freshman year and now that I have seen the amount of effort she put into everything, I have admired her even more.  Then, I tackled the craziest thing on the planet – first-year move in day… in Centennial Hall!

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A New Year by Caitlyn

So, since I will be an RA on campus, I am actually leaving my hometown in 6 days.  I can barely believe it.  Where did the summer go?!  I have started packing and  have been thinking about what lies ahead and what I went through as a new student.  Last year, my first year, was a huge adventure and the best growing and maturing experience… EVER.  I had a ton of trials and tribulations including my mom having a cancer scare, but I learned how to handle being an adult, being away, and being independent. This year, I think that things may be a little different.

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Last Bit of Sanity by Caitlyn

So, this past weekend I got to experience so many new things! I decided to travel down to Cincinnati to see my first major league baseball game (Reds vs. Pirates) and then hit up the Newport Aquarium.  Overall, it was a super wonderful weekend and my last bit of sanity before the close of the semester and my first year of college.

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The Final Weeks by Caitlyn

So, we know that I love BG and I love college. But honestly, going to college has been the most stress I have ever had to endure, especially now as I approach the end of my first year. It is that point in April when professors assign all of the stuff that they forgot to assign or ran out of time to get to you, and so you spend two weeks working your butt off to get your work done adequately and then you have a week and half (ish) to study for finals. It feels like I do not have a break! This week for example, I have four exams, two meetings and a parents’ dinner for my sorority. Then, I have my final projects to finish and my finals to study for. Not to mention making sure I get to my job as often as possible. Then there is worrying about packing up my dorm and getting my stuff to my storage unit ….wow.

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