JMP & other silenoi

JMP & other silenoi on display at the Art Institue of Chicago

I’m James M. Pfundstein. That’s me at left, with a couple of other silenoi.

My title at BGSU is Senior Lecturer; I’ve been teaching here since 1997. I received my Ph.D. in Classics (Latin and Greek) from the University of Minnesota in August 2000. My research interests are in Seneca’s dramatic poetry and ancient astronomy in poetry (especially but not exclusively Seneca’s).

I teach a mix of courses in Latin and classical civilization (with a little Greek tossed in for variety sometimes).

And, since Wikipedia knows, there is no reason you should not know that I also write fantasy under the “pseudoplume or nom de nym” of James Enge. Technically, I’m on Twitter but am more often seen on Facebook.