Artist’s Statement from Spring 2009

Certain people, including myself, have an affinity to collect. The drive to collect is not always driven by the intrinsic value of an item, but by something else. I am interested in what makes something valuable, in terms of a collectable, special item. As a goldsmith, I am accustomed to working in materials with high intrinsic value. However, the items that I personally collect and cherish most are quite different; most frequently, they are things with little to no monetary value, but rather, broken shards from the beach, old letters, and outdated books. Most anything with some sort of history, or a good story, interests me. I especially love things that have a bit of mystery to them, like a book inscribed to someone now forgotten, or a personal item of someone I never knew. My own personal collections range from beach glass and stones, gemstones, to antique medical equipment. Collecting is a means of searching for an answer, for a hidden secret, and has a way of freezing time and history, allowing them to exist indefinitely.

My work evokes the sense of a collection, and seems to have a history to it, without needing to actually tell the viewer what that history is. Found, fabricated, and altered objects are specifically organized and displayed in a manner that allows the viewer to contemplate the relationships between the objects, and the intention of the maker in the meticulous and precise organization of them.

Jewelry in particular is of great importance to me. Very few types of artwork are carried with a person in their daily life; jewelry is one of them. Jewelry can carry so much sentiment and emotion. By creating wearable pieces that are part of a larger collection or static objects, one is able to interact with the collection on a more personal and daily basis.

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