And in further instrument news…

Today’s issue of The Independent includes an article on a new instrument developed by Yamaha and media artist Toshio Iwai that is part sequencer, part performance art.


A tablet with lights on both the front and back, the Tenori-On was developed in Japan and already has a host of fans, including the Tenorions, a group that works exclusively on the Tenori-On. The article includes a range of perspectives on the instrument’s learning curve. According to Peter Peck, Yamaha’s Tenori-On spokesman:

I don’t need to know anything about music, I’m just pressing lights and buttons. Anyone can walk up to it and make something happen, and be inspired. With a guitar you don’t get that instant reward. But after that initial bit of inspiration, there’s also a huge curve of musical development to learn on the Tenori-On if you really want to get the most out of it.

Visit Yamaha’s Tenori-On site for more details about the instrument, including demos. So far, the Tenori-On is only available in the UK.