Ecological Fluctuations

A greater understanding of what drives ecological fluctuations at multiple scales is needed for successful and sustainable management of connected, but inherently variable systems. Future research activities will aim to examine how spatiotemporal variability in habitat conditions influences spatiotemporal variability in populations, communities, and ecosystems. While some opportunities may exist for original data collection, including in Ohio, this research will be largely synthetic, analyzing existing data sets.

Selected relevant publications (see Google Scholar profile for complete list):

1. McCluney, K. E., N. L. Poff, J. H. Thorp, G. C. Poole, M. A. Palmer, M. Williams, B. S. Williams, J. S. Baron. 2014.  Riverine macrosystems ecology: sensitivity, resistance, and resilience of whole river basins with human alterations. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 12: 48-58. 


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Albert Ruhi

Andy Gregory

Jim Thorp

John Sabo

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