Ecobreak is an informal weekly seminar for faculty and students in ecology and conservation at BGSU. It is held every Tuesday from 11:30 am to ~12:20 pm in Life Sciences 332. If you are presenting, please organize the snacks for that week. Additionally, plan to end your presentation no later than 12:15 pm, to leave time for questions.

If you want to sign-up to present, contact Dr. Kevin McCluney. All students enrolled in the course must present at least once for ~15-45 min.


Date Name Title
8/22/2017 Organizational Meeting Organizational Meeting
8/29/2017 Chris Kemp (Miner Lab) Research Plans: Optimizing Dredge Wetland Design to Promote Larval Walleye Transport and Nursery Habitat in Sandusky Bay
9/5/2017 Dan Wiegmann Life histories and the evolution of alternative reproductive tactics
9/12/2017 Eric Hibbets Research Results: Genetic Variation of a Controlled Population of White-tailed Deer
9/19/2017 Ecology Faculty Group Meeting  Ecology Faculty Group Meeting
9/26/2017 Preston Thompson Research Results: How do nectar quality, pollen quality, and flower abundance influence pollen collection of  Bumblebees (Bombus spp.) in northern Virginia?
10/3/2017 Nate Stott Research Results: Migrations of fishes in a coastal Lake Erie wetland
10/10/2017 Fall Break Fall Break
10/17/2017 Jake Schoen Research Plans: The effects of forest density and patch size on mammalian occupancy
10/24/2017 1. John Woloschuk
2. Missy Seidel
 1. A) Research Results: The Effect of Substrate on the Body Temperature Change of Sympetrum vicinum During Cold Fall Nights. B) Research Plans: Does Predation of Emergent Insects by Bats Reduce Neighboring Crop Pests?2. Research Results and Research Plans: From sharks, to plants, to pollinators – Research of the past and the future.
10/31/2017 Greg Gustafson Research Results: studying the effects of land management practices on the diversity and abundance of wildlife in the Oak Openings
11/7/2017 Tyler Turner Research Results: Effects of Human Activity on Activity, Diversity, and Distribution of Native Bats
11/14/2017 Jamie Johnson Research Results: Aquatic community characteristics associated with emergent macrophytes of coastal Lake Erie wetlands
11/21/2017 Haley Meek & Rachel Wilson Research Results: Seed Coat Color in Lupine
11/28/2017 1. Josie Lindsey-Robbins

2. Tyler Sloan

 1. Research Plans: Using soil macroinvertebrate diversity to manage nutrient loading and eutrophication in Lake Erie

2. Research Plans: Looking Into How Classroom Community Affects Learning and Retention in Undergraduate Education

12/5/2017 Rachel Kappler Population Viability Analysis of Green Ash Trees and Environmental Factors Impacting Ash Trees


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