On Becoming A Writer: Page 81-83
Monday August 31st 2009, 5:56 pm
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After intently reading through the three essays found in this particular section, I felt that there was one specific essay that caught my interest more than the other two.  For a variety of reasons, I truly enjoyed reading Russel Baker’s essay titled “On Becoming A Writer.”  I found this piece of work to be especially inspiring and uplifting.  Russel’s unceasing desire to become a writer and establish his identity despite his constant boredom and hatred associated with his English courses was truly refreshing.  Also, I was captivated by Russel’s courage to not only choose one of the most eccentric writing topics, which involved spaghetti, but then to write about in such a bold manner that he was violating all of the rules of formal composition that he had previously learned in school.   However, as the essay emphasized, sometimes venturing off the beaten path leads one to the most rewarding outcomes.  Russel’s desire to become a writer was not only restored, but his respect and admiration for Mr. Fleagle was finally acknowledged.

Personally, I feel that there are a large variety of components that make this piece work from a “writerly” point of view.  First of all, the author, Russel Baker, has clearly established an audience, a purpose, a voice, and a well-spoken tone.  I feel that Russel intended for the audience of this piece of writing to be  high school kids who were lacking the reassurance that anything is possible.  He wanted his writing to remind everyone to never lose sight of their dreams, and that one should never be afraid to be courageous in all aspects of his or her’s life.  Throughout the entire essay, I felt that Russel established a clear voice and communicated an apparent tone with his style of writing.  He wrote precisely and carefully crafted all of his sentences, yet he did not fail to deliver his message.  Overall, I strongly believe that Russel Baker composed a well-written and engaging piece of work.

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