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Beta of new home page design

The Public Interfaces Committee is working on an August 1st launch date for the new library home page. Here’s what it looks like so far. Kudos to Tara Wren and Joelle Thomas for getting the format bubbles to work and WAMming the Google Scholar search.

Panel: What is your library doing about emerging technologies?

Bohyun Kim, moderator of the ALA panel I was on this last weekend, did a nice write up of the panel at her blog Library Hat. That front row contains most of the panelists — we were a large group! Slides are here, twitter archive here (all the tweets about virtualization are from another session, […]

Technology Advisory Committee Summit Proposal

The Technology Advisory Committee of the UL would like to know if you would be interested in the committee hosting a half-day (or a few hours) “summit” where people could share and brainstorm short- and long-term ideas in a “big picture” way about: Improvements to current technology-based services, programs, etc. Specific and general technology training […]

LITS labs p0wns campus

Woon Tang, Jared Contrascere, and James Buettner won the 2007-2008 Outstanding Student Employee of the Year award for student teams working on campus, beating out very stiff competition from two other library departments, a variety of dining services teams, an emergency response team from one of the dorms, who have to put out grease fires […]

LITS Brown Bag Tech Tea and Crumpets, March 21st

On the (virtual) menu — you’re supposed to bring your own crumpets and butter: reAssess — tutorial software that James and Woon developed. It’s described elsewhere on the blog, but here is the demo tutorial, as well as the hosted software download on google code. It is currently in use in the UL for the […]

IDEAL/LITSlabs meeting

Some resources mentioned at the meeting this morning: YackPack Learning 2.0 TerenceOnline: An eLearning Resource Center

Foundation for Lits Labs

After discussion this morning about creating a foundation account specifically for Lits Labs: the money would go to conference travel and attendance for LITS staff AND student staff; also technology that wouldn’t otherwise be funded (experimental or advanced hardware or software). And take a look at Givezilla, in association with Amazon.com — if we include […]

Student Projects for this summer

Update: The hours database (on campus only at the moment) is done, and awaiting user testing for the administrative data entry side by an actual Dean’s office user. Woon: Library hours db (done), phone directory (relegated to the archives of projects that are deemed overkill), interactive library tour, GSW quiz. Jim: CMS templates, UL blog […]

Sophie — multimedia documents without programming

From the Institute for the Future of the Book: Sophie, so we don’t all have to learn Flash. (Warning: this is a beta version) Sophie’s raison d’être is to enable people to create robust, elegant rich-media, networked documents without recourse to programming. We have word processors, video, audio and photo editors but no viable options […]

Mark Strang elected to Innovative Users Group Steering Committee

Mark Strang was elected Member at large in the recent elections for the Innovative Users Group Steering Committee, no doubt in part for his award-winning work on Innovative’s Electronic Resource Management module.