Jon Stewart.

i thought that Jon Stewart’s input on the homeless people hotspots was humerous. i thought that whole concept of having the homeless people do such things is kind of a good idea to help them take their first steps of getting off the streets…

Jon Stewart.

the Kony 2012 video was very informing & the maker of the videos purpose was to make everyone well known of it, which he is doing a good job of. I thought that Jon Stewart’s input on the Kony video was funny & i liked it.

The Power of Situations.

I agree with some of this article, but not other parts. i agree with the fact that depending what you have going on at that very moment you will stop and help someone asking for it, but i dont agree with the part of the article that says that knowing what type of a person a person is has no relevance as to whether or not he will stop and help someone asking for it. nor do i agree with the part that says what the person asking for help looks like and how they act have no impact on the decision. the authors main argument is what effects do the situations have on different people.

The Perils of Obedience.

the main argument of this article was whether or not people could obey and do what they were told. most people like to obey and do what they are told because they get the satisfaction of pleasing someone and are proud of doing a good job. i agree with this argument in some circumstances because i can relate to it somewhat. this article can be related to previous articles read by the other authors talking about what is meant by being obedient and such.

Disobedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem.

i didnt quite understand this article about disobedience. especially when the author was talking about human race possible destroying civilization and all life upon earth in the next five to ten years. the author argued that disobedience is bad.

Obedience to Authority.

i agree with the article saying that we conform to obedience. the main idea is if people obey people today. the main argument is under what circumstances do people obey others today.

Topics for MSE #1

– experiments done within the essay

– appealing to teens as the main audience

Adolescent Sleep, School Start Times, and Teen Motor Vehicle Crashes

The main idea in this article was linking early school start times with sleepy kids & also teen sleep-related accidents. the author made good points & also had good statistical information that supported his argument like when the schools administered later start times and the student crash rates went down by 16.5%. this article can be related to the other articles that we have been reading because it’s about sleep-deprived teens & ways that it can be helped. i feel like this article can be related to current students lives because when i was in high school i would usually stay up late & have to get up fairly early the next day & drive to school, which was really tough when i was super tired. luckily i only had to take back roads to school so i rarely had to worry about other cars, but if it was a busy road, i probably would have been in more sleep related accidents…

How Sleep Debt Hurts College Students

the authors main argument was how sleep-derivation or sleep debt effects college students’ lives in a negative way. i think that the authors should have collected their patients mood more often than just once for their data to be more accurate. the ideas are very relavent to current college students’ lives because many college students are seep-deprived and this article has a good way of proving all of the things that are hurt by our sleep deprivation. this article can be related back to the previous articles that we have read dealing with sleep deprivation in adolescents and such other issues with sleep.


i thought that it was funny how jon stewart was making fun of those people for using the word “nerds” instead of experts. i think that the whole SOPA thing is stupid and i dont agree with it. i think people should be allowed to stream music and such, but in a way i do agree with it because of the whole copying other peoples information.



-audience: the author needs to make it clear who the audience is and express it in their essay.

-information: an essay must have a certain amount of credible information in order for it to be credible.

-credibility: quoting credible authors and information makes an essay more credible.

-organization: the essay should flow right in order for its readers to understand it better.

-argument: the author should have a valid and believable argument to have an effective essay.


Two criteria that an essential spy should have is extreme intelligence and a spy should always carry a weapon. Archer does not live up to the standards of a good spy because he isn’t very smart and he didnt have a weapon. In the clip, Archer didn’t bring a weapon to the bomb site and he messed up by trying to disarm the bomb.


Jesse Gamble talks about our natural sleep cycle. She compared humans’ sleep to that of a crabs. She said that humans who sleep with no light sleep twice a night. Inbetween their sleep is a meditative quietness. Humans get tweve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness.

America’s Sleep-Deprived Teens Nodding Off at School, Behind the Wheel.

The article was very informative and held many different facts in it, such as all the information from the NSF’s 2006 Sleep in America poll. The article talked about how teens aren’t getting as much sleep as they should be. The author threw in a few different opinions of his and also got a little repetitive towards the end of his article in my opinion. I thought that the tips for teens chart was very informative and helpful and also fit in well with his article.

A Third Of Life

I thought that the reading was somewhat interesting. The author used many different sources in his text, which seemed to be very credible. There were a lot of different interesting points that he made such as, humans spending about 25 years or more sleeping, the prescence of an alarm clock implies sleep deprivation, sleep is more responsible for deaths than drugs or alcohol, dolphins only put one half of their brains to sleep at a time, etc. I felt that the author was angry that people don’t sleep enough and that it causes accidents and health problems and was trying to get his point across to his audience. I believe that his audience was majority of different people. it seemed to be different for each section in his text. In some sections of his text, the passages are aimed at current students’ lives. He mentioned that we stay up late and get distracted from sleep by our sleeping enviornments. The author provided various amounts of information about what happens when humans are sleep deprived. Overall i believe that “A Third of Life” is credible..