Screenr: Week 12, RE

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Screenr: Week 11, Workshops, Intro to RE

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MSE2 Reminders

By , March 16, 2010 12:14 pm

Some stuff to consider as you compose MSE2:

–I’ll be grading the quality of your ARGUMENT (logical? pragmatic? reasonable?)
–I’ll be grading the quality of your SYNTHESIS (2 quotes per paragraph? synthesized 2nd quote intro? meaningful end-of-paragraph interaction?)
–I’ll be grading the quality of your SOURCES (credible? timely? relevant? from a range of pubs?)
–I’ll be grading the quality of your METADISCOURSE (transitions at the top and bottom of each paragraph? helpful topic sentences?)
–I’ll be grading the FOCUS of your paragraphs (do they stay on track? is the research appropriate?)
–I’ll be grading the DEVELOPMENT of your paragraphs (are they fully realized or do they seem lazy?)
–I’ll be grading the ORGANIZATION of your paragraphs (do they flow from one to the next logically?)
–I’ll be grading your COUNTERARGUMENT (explained? refuted/conceded? synthesized?)
–I’ll be grading your INTRO (attention-getting? do you have an epigraph? quotes? context? key terms? background info?)
–I’ll be grading your CONCLUSION (do you end meaningfully, urgently? do you use quotes?)
–I’ll be grading your TONE (is it respectful? academic? formal? third-person?)
–I’ll be grading your MLA (every quote clearly introduced? cited correctly in the Works Cited page?)
–I’ll be grading your VOCABULARY (lively? varied? complex? far-reaching?)
–I’ll be grading your VERB TENSE (active? not passive?)
–I’ll be grading your GRAMMAR (correct? no comma splices, run-ons, fragments?)
–I’ll be grading your VISUALS (do you use any images? are they helpful? relevant?)
–I’ll be grading your TITLE (provocative? snazzy?)

Email me any questions as you compose (

Feel free to use MS Word’s comment feature to type up any/all questions that arise as you compose.

Writing Center = still accepting tutor appointments (372-2221) and online consultations.

Jerome Library = accepting Individual Research Appointments for papers on any topic.

Screenr: Week 10, MSE2

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Welcome Back!

By , March 14, 2010 5:53 pm

I’m hoping your Break was relaxing and energizing. Mine sure was. Melissa and I had a blast in Chicago, eating at Alinea (which was freaking world class, pics to come) and catching up with lots of friends. We ran in a 5k on Saturday, and I actually set a personal record (19:52, 2nd in my age group, 31st out of 400+ runners). I used my performance as an excuse to eat 10 chicken wings in one sitting, which also was also a personal record. 🙂 I’d love to hear about your Spring Break if you get the chance to email me about it or post to How’s Class Going?

Anyway, on to class stuff. I’ve got a LOT going on on Monday and Tuesday (meetings and driving and such) that will keep me away from computers/the Internet, so my usual Monday Screenr will have to wait until Wednesday morning. Sorry. In the meantime:

–check your email. If you turned in a proposal, then I emailed you my thoughts on it. If you didn’t submit a proposal last week, you’ll be getting a formal absence (or second and FINAL absence) notification from me soon.

–head on over to Course Documents in Blackboard and download and read the NEW SYLLABUS. I bet it’s to your liking: there is only one due date per week now, and there are plenty of incentives to do well on MSE2. Read it ASAP and let me know what you think.

–check out the Discussion Board to see which group I’ve place you in. In addition to being “cleverly” named, these groups will give you an opportunity to help each other compose and revise MSE2 in a thematic way. Post to your group’s forum this week, at least to remind everyone in it what your topic is so that they can keep an eye out for juicy sources for your RD.

–start/keep working on your MSE2. The RD is due Wednesday night, and I want it to be good. I hope to see at least three quality paragraphs from you on Wednesday, full of sources and synthesis. So get crackin’.

Email me any and all questions, and I hope you’re well!

Happy Spring Break!

By , March 4, 2010 9:54 am

I know that many of you really have hectic lives, so I hope you’re able to take full advantage of Spring Break.

Once you’ve submitted your proposal to Assignments, I encourage you to take some well-deserved time off from GSW 1120. I work you pretty hard, I know, but it’s all in the interest of making you better writers, and I hope you’re already seeing improvements in how you compose essays (I know I have).

Expect a revised syllabus once we reconvene on the 15th. I have every intention of giving you more once-a-week due dates, and you can expect to spend the bulk of your time to be spent on writing writing writing. There’s a lot of points left to be earned in MSE2 and RE, and I hope you know I’m here to help you maximize your potential and your grade. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Are any of you doing anything cool for break? If so, I’d love to learn what–post a comment below. Melissa and I are headed to Chicago this weekend to visit friends (we’re having an Oscar party in our hotel) and eat at good restaurants (don’t worry, we’ve been scrimping and saving for a while). I’d love to try out the latest culinary fad, molecular gastronomy, at Alinea while we’re there, but it’s probably too much money to put down for a steak that looks like Swedish fish. More likely is Rick Bayless’ Topolobampo, which is gourmet Mexican. Dude can cook.

Anyway, email me if you have any questions, and by all means, Happy Spring Break!

MSE2 Proposal, Skype, Etc.

By , March 3, 2010 8:16 am

I hope you’re working hard on your MSE2 proposal. The more effort you put into

–clarifying your argumentative stance,
–clearly delineating your reasons in defense of that stance,
–thinking hard about how your reasons relate to one another,
–considering CA’s and how to best address them,
–building a clear and focused thesis statement, and
–ESPECIALLY, locating lots and lots and lots of credible sources from a range of publications

the easier the MSE2 RD will be to write week after next.

I’m available for Skype meetings, email discussions, phone conversations and chat sessions, so if there’s anything on your mind that I can help you with or a concept or ability I can better explain to you, I hope you’ll take an active role in your learning and writing processes and contact me.

Spring Break’s almost here!

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