MSE1 Workshop Parameters

By , February 15, 2010 10:22 am

You know I want you to respond organically, naturally to each other’s work. However, I also want you to consider the following questions as you read:

Does it get readers’ attention?
Does it provide relevant background information?
Does it define any necessary key terms?
Is the issue at hand properly contextualized, narrow, and manageable?
Does the author take a clear stand on the issue?
Does the intro contain a clear, debatable thesis statement?
Does the thesis mention (1) the issue, (2) the stance, (3) the reasons and (4) the CA?

Body Paragraphs:
Is there a clear, focused, helpful topic sentence and transition?
Are there at least two different sources cited?
Are the quote intros helpful, or are there annoying (Names)?
Are there helpful verbs of attribution throughout (like agrees, extends, demonstrates)?
Is the first quote clearly analyzed?
Is the second quote synthesized with the first?
Are both quotes synthesized with the paragraph/reason?
Is the paragraph/reason connected to the thesis/stance?
Does the paragraph end meaningfully?
Is there a transition at the end of the paragraph?

Is there a clear topic sentence and transitions that signals a CA paragraph?
Are there two separate sources cited?
Are there meaningful verbs of attribution?
Do those sources interact meaningfully?
Does the author refute or concede? Does s/he do so clearly?
Is the CA logical? Does it help the overall argument?

How’s the essay’s MLA looking? Correct, or lazy?
Is the essay’s title snazzy?
Is the essay’s tone academic, formal, professional, respectful?
Is the essay’s voice active and NOT passive?
Are any quotes too long (40+ words or 4+ lines)?

Maybe check out Ra Ra Riot’s cello-infused brand of pop-rock as you respond?

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