Why Has Homeschooling Become So Popular?

Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “home-schooling” as the “action of teaching, or the state or fact of being taught, at home, especially by one’s parents; education of a child by his or her parents.” Homeschooling has been a topic that is sensitive for me for many different reasons. My aunt has a neighbor whose son is only 10 years old and is now homeschooled. He suffers from anxiety and he is constantly picked on from the other kids about his weight. He said that when he would tell the teacher about the kids picking on him she would just tell them to stop and if they wouldn’t the teacher would send him or her to the principal’s office. Do you think teachers should make a bigger effort to make sure every student feels comfortable in the classroom? I do. Being picked on in school should never result to a student wanting to be homeschooled. It just makes me sad that the generations seem to get worse and worse, which brings me to the next reason why homeschooling has become so popular. Parents and teachers have no control over how other students in the classroom are raised and what is being practiced at home, and because of that, a lot of parents don’t want their children in public or private schools because of the traits their children may pick up from other students.
These are only a few reasons to why homeschooling has become so popular, however there are many more. Every school, whether it is a college, elementary, or middle school may need to be stricter on the things that happen in the classroom. I don’t think teachers realize that the things that happen at school have an effect on every student whether it’s good or bad. My neighbors’ son deserves to be a regular school like every other student but refuses because he was being picked on by other students. Every child deserves to feel comfortable at the school he or she attends. But one positive thing I will say about homeschooling is that homeschooling does give parents a better reasoning of why their son or daughters grades are the way they are without parent/teacher conferences that many schools offer. A negative objective is that homeschooling takes away the experience of schools such as, socializing, meeting new people, sitting in a classroom with other peers your age, pep rallies, and other activities that happen in school. This is just a topic that my aunt and I discussed recently and it bothers me. Do you think homeschooling is a positive or negative practice?

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