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Backyard Wildlife

We’ve recently added a new animal series that should be wonderful to use with students in the primary grades.  It’s called Backyard Wildlife and each book features an animal that kids might see in their backyard.  The text is  simple enough for new readers and yet interesting enough for a read aloud.  Pair one of these […]

Discover More from Scholastic

   Want to add a technology component to your lesson?  We have many books from Scholastic’s Discover More series which comes with an interactive digital ebook to each print edition.  Here’s how it works:  Inside the cover of the print book is a code number.  Go to the Discover More website at and type in the code.  […]

What We Wear: Dressing Up Around the World

  The typical BGSU college student may not dress up very often and finds yoga pants, sweats, and even p.j’s acceptable for class.  However when students do dress up they can look like completely different people.  Dressing up for special occasions is fun and how people dress up varies by culture.What We Wear:  Dressing Up Around […]

Titles I Can’t Wait to Get My Eyes On

Want to get some great summer reading in before we hear the annual ‘back to school” refrain from all corners of the media?  Here is a list of titles that are getting Newbery buzz that I’d like to read before the busy season comes crashing in. Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein.  Everytime I swear […]

Books I Want to Read Based Only on the Cover

   Do covers count? You bet they do.  If they didn’t publishers wouldn’t create so many awesome ones.  In this post I’m highlighting some of the upcoming YA books I want to read based only on the cover.  Here is my Romance and Fantasy pick for the summer. Girl Meets Boy featuring stories by a bunch of YA […]

Graphic Novels in German!

World language teachers and BGSU students who read German will enjoy these new titles.   Fashionvictims, Trendverächter : Bildkolumnen und Minireportagen aus Berlin , Bupo Schoch – Operation “Roter Zipfel“, Der Exlibris , and Liebe schaut weg

New Christmas Books

    Need Christmas books? Here at the CRC, we have an amazing variety of Christmas books. The ones shown here are new in 2011. Stop in early for the best selection!    

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

Greg Heffley is back this week in his sixth adventure in Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  Cabin Fever.  Stop by the CRC and pick up your free commemorative pencil celebrating our favorite fifth grader!

Beauty Queens

New from Libba Bray, Beauty Queens is the story of a group of lovely Teen Dream pageant contestants  who find themselves shipwrecked on a tropical island.  As if that isn’t hilarious enough, throw in bad guys in a volcano lair, bodacious British reality-show pirates, and hallucinogenic berries which are delightfully tasty.  This book is page after page of snarky fun. 

Independence Day Explained

Here’s to the birth of our nation 235 years ago!  Conveniently, just in time for Independence Day is Independence Day by Rebecca Rissman.  Written for primary school age children, all the hoopla surrounding July 4th is explained, such as why we celebrate with fireworks, concerts, and food.  another good source for July 4th fun is […]

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