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Welcome, New Faculty!

You’ll be in Jerome Library on August 9th for orientation, which might be the perfect time to visit the Curriculum Resource Center on the  2nd floor of the library. Our staff will be glad to  help you plan library instruction for your classes; show you the curriculum materials, teaching aids, and juvenile literature we have to support your education […]

Book People Unite

As a kid in the late 60’s and early 70’s  I remember the public service announcements from Reading is Fundamental, or RIF.  They were always about the importance of reading and trying to get books into the hands of children.  I recently saw a brand new PSA from RIF and was delighted to see they are […]

Money Websites for Teens

  The June issue of VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) suggests two money related websites: The Mint’s “Tips for Teens,”    A “millionaire calculator” and the “Power of 72 calculator” will give you solid figures on just how much money you need to save to be rich and how long it takes your money […]

Keeping Up with Reading and Math Over the Summer

     I can’t emphasize enough how awesome the Ohio Resource Center website is for teachers of preschool -12.  It is packed full of great lessons, ideas, and research.  Today I suggest checking out their feature ORC On.  It presents downloadable papers on timely topics that are grade leveled and full of helpful advice, activities and links.  […]

Red, White, and … Books?

What do you do to celebrate the Fourth of July? Whether you have a cook out with your family, light sparklers, or watch the fireworks and say “ooh … ahh,” wouldn’t it be exciting to read a fun book as well? Why not gather around after dinner and remember what the Fourth of July is […]

Ohio History Resources

  For those working on the 4th/5th grade endorsement, materials for covering Ohio History are always in demand.  To easily access resources from the CRC, search Ohio as a subject and limit the location to Curriculum Resources Center.  That search not only gives you results containing our  informational books on Ohio, but also a nice selection […]

Apps for Education

     No doubt tablet computers and smartphones are becoming more popular for use with children by both parents and teachers.  Not surprisingly, apps designed for kids are a booming business.  To help guide teachers through the maze of apps I’ve created a Libguide called  Apps for Education.  In it you’ll find plenty of sites that review, rate, and list a […]

Once Upon a Time

   If you are a fan of the ABC series Once Upon a Time you probably realize how exciting fairy tales can be.  Curious about the the original Snow White?  How about the other Snow White, the one who is sister to Rose Red?  Many talented authors have used the tales as a jumping off point for their own engaging […]

Women’s History Resources

    As a kid I loved to read biographies, and my only requirement was that it be about girls.  My public library had the series Childhood of Famous Americans, which in hindsight weren’t really biographies but fictionalized accounts of the childhoods of famous people.  I read every single title in the series, minus the ones about boys.  […]

May the 74th Hunger Games Begin!

Are you excited for The Hunger Games? I know I am! But in anticipation, all of the copies of The Hunger Games are checked out, even on OhioLink. Instead, come and check out our display of other great novels that may ease your anxiousness until March 23. Unwind by Neal Shusterman and Life as We […]

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