The Garden of my Imaan by Zia Farhana

Farhana, Zia.  The Garden of my Imaan. Peachtree Publishers. 2013. ISBN:  9781561456987.

book jacket The Garden of my Imaan is about a Muslim girl who tries to improve herself durng Ramadan. I liked the book because I lilked learning about Islam and learning words and phrases in Arabic and Urdu.  I would recommend it to other kids ages 10-15 who are interested in learning about other cultures.

Isabella, age 13

The CRC would like to thank Isabella for being our first middle school student to write a CSCL book review for the 2013-14 school year.  If you would like to write a review on a 2013-14 CSCL children’s book, stop by the CRC and check one out.  Your review will be posted on the Curriculum Resource Center’s CSCL blog.  CSCL Blog site:

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