Halloween Wrap Up

  Annually, the Classified Staff Council raises money for student scholarships and awards those scholarships in October.  Yesterday 10 student workers from the library were chosen to receive them at a Halloween themed reception.  The CRC is happy to announce that two of our very own student staff are recipients.  The  awards went to Meisha “bound to get lucky eventually” Weaver and Megan “big winner” Miehls.  Congratulations to both of you, and to the rest of you I agree that you totally got ripped off. 

     The CRC senior staff attended the festivities in their Price Is Right contestant costumes.  Snarky library sayings were penned on each.  They include:  “Do You Have Books Here?” ” I’m looking for a RED book,” “MLS Master of Locating Stuff,” and “Don’t make me use my LIBRARIAN voice.”

Happy Reading, Kathy

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