Know Your Call Numbers!

   Most students don’t know a call number from a beehive.  So here is your twenty-second guide to call numbers in the CRC. Call number are the shelf addresses of library items.  A beehive isn’t.

1.  Write the whole call number down – letters  and all –  from the BGSU catalog.

2.  The first line tells you which collection:  JUV, CURR, CURTA, CURR REF

       Translation:  JUV are the children’s books, CURR are curriculum/textbooks, CURTA are the teaching aids, and CURR REF are the reference books.

3.  Once you are standing in the right collection, just use the number/letter combination and compare it to the guides on the end of the rows.

3.  Everything is in number order or alphabetical order.

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?


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