Finding Fiction in the CRC

    The key to finding fiction in the CRC – picture books, middle grades, YA –  is knowing the author’s name.  If you know how to spell the author’s last name there is no need to know the call number, the titles are in alphabetical order by author .   Sooooo easy!

    What if you don’t know the author’s last name?  Then you need to use the handy BGSU catalog and look up the call number.  Find the BGSU Catalog link on the home page, type in what you know about the book, such as  the title or the topic.  Then, and this is important, look down to the Add Limits (Optional) section and under Location find and click the Curriculum Resource CenterVoila!

    Still struggling?  Ask one of our highly trained student workers for help.  They are aces at getting you connected to the book you need.

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